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Daniel asks…

Where can I find poker tutorial videos that are high quality?

So, I just started working as a Texas hold ‚em dealer and would like to get better at it. Can anyone suggest any Youtube clips for learning the rules of dealing better? All I can seem to find are these awful „Expert Village“ videos that are really terrible. Any suggestions? I’d like to be the best dealer I can be 🙂

admin answers:

This is the best dealer course available on the internet.


William asks…

poker question too long to ask in this box its about the hand rankings please and thankyou for your help!?

okay, i ask my brother to tell me the rankings from the lowest to highest of texas hold em’… he said the straight flush is the same thing as a royal flush… which is TRUE! BUTT i said name the rankings in ORDER from lowest to highest…. AND he said the straight flush is the hight because it is the same thing as the royal flush but by poker rules the royal flush is the greatest high to have and beats ANYTHING who wins the bet? next if you take out the royal flush (ERASE FROM HISTORY.) then the straight flush is the highest! and that is true but remember the royal flush is no longer existing….

admin answers:

I don’t even understand your question.

A straight flush is 5 cards in a row, same suit… So the highest possible straight flush is 10-J-Q-K-A, it’s so special, it’s got it’s own name, the Royal Flush. But the royal flush is simply the highest form of a straight flush. That’s like saying does 10-J-Q-K-A (off suit) beat a straight? It is a straight, it’s just the highest straight.

Sorry, I’m not giving either of you the win on this one. The Royal Flush is the highest hand, but if someone didn’t want to include it in the hand rankings and say that a straight flush was best, that’s fine with me too.

Betty asks…

in yahoo poker, who has the right to say who can or cannot play at a table?

some yahoo poker players claim ownership to tables. where are the rules governing this? who can or cannot set rules for poker tables regarding who can or cannot play?

admin answers:

Much better site here

Steven asks…

What sort of Poker was played in Casino Royale?

What sort and what are the rules to it?

admin answers:

Texas hold’em no limit.
You can learne the rules here if you speak french 😉
It’s quite simple to learn. But to be good, it’s more complicate.
Good luck anyway.

John asks…

What visa card(s) can you use to deposit on Poker Stars?

Bought a Wallmart card, Visa, and can’t use it on Poker Stars…

Talked to support and they said the only card they know of without restrictions was the I.C.E. Visa card. There are no retailers who sell this near me. I don’t have a bank account. don’t want to deposit $100+ with Western Union. I’ve heard All-access cards work but have feeling not anymore…

It seems the rules have changed so has anyone used a Visa prepaid card RECENTLY.

admin answers:

This one works it’s a full Visa

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