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John asks…

Does this guy like me? What does he want from me?

I’m really confused about this guy at my school. I feel like he secretly likes me, but at the same time, he sends me mixed signals. I don’t know, I just can’t figure him out. I’ve known him for about a year. We’re good friends, but I’m just tired of him messing with my mind. I feel like I should move on and find someone else sometimes. He gives me hope, but when I try to make a move, he gets awkward I feel like. It’s hard to judge.

Once he simply told me „you’re amazing“ when I really didn’t do anything great at all. When we talk, he looks right into my eyes, no where else, and doesn’t look away. He seems happy when we’re talking face to face. In this school talent show last year, the next day he told me that I played the piano very well and that I looked elegant (we had to dress up in formal wear). He’s complimented on my clothes before. He said that he liked my coat or my scarf a few times.

We had Spanish class together last year. We had to practice describing someone and he used me „as an example“ he said and he describe me as „muy bonita“ (means very pretty) and all of the guys went Ooooooo!! You know how they do.

Last night at a basketball game, as I was passing by, he just stared at me until he caught my attention. Like, I could just feel him looking at me. So I looked back. He simply locked eyes with me, nodded with a subtle smile and then looked back toward the game. He’s done this a few times even.

However, he isn’t like this all the time. If I try to start the conversation, he tends to not give me much feedback or if he does, his tone sounds nervous or uneasy. That day of the talent show I was talking about, we got finished early so I went back to my Spanish class. He didn’t even look at me, or talk to me about my performance. Instead, he just keep talking to his friends. If he starts the conversation first, then he seems to be comfortable. But if I start it, he tends to brush me aside I feel like. If I open up my feelings, he doesn’t want to hear it.

What does he want from me? If I need to add additional detail later for clarification then I will. Does he like me, but thinks it won’t work out so he’s keeping his distance? Why is he hot and cold? What do those stares, and compliments mean? I’m almost worn out just trying to figure it out. I feel like moving on, but I still care about this guy deep down.

admin answers:

I think he likes you but something is holding him back

Sandra asks…

Why am I being forced to take an ALAN Test?

If you don’t know what an ALAN test is, it’s a ‚back-up GCSE‘, ALAN stands for ‚Adult literacy and numeracy‘. You can take it if your school believes you aren’t going to pass English or Maths or both. I was looking at some of the past tests on their website and it literally looks like a test for 5 year olds; one of the questions was ‚You have a shelf that is 140cm long, what would you use to measure it?‘, no joke.
I’m not that great at maths, I can do Arithmetic just fine, the stuff you actually use in life, but I’m not as good with Algebra, Geometry etc. I’m predicted a C grade and at the moment I’m on a D, purely because I can’t seem to grasp some of the things like Area, Equations and just that sort of stuff.

Despite this, I don’t think I need this ALAN test, I’m not stupid and if I was given more help with Maths then I could easily get a C in my GCSE’s. Is it worth speaking to my teacher about it? Or should I just do the ALAN test?

Thanks 🙂

admin answers:

Just take it – you never know what might happen in your GCSE exam – you could panic, do something stupid(it does happen) or anything. You have absolutely nothing to lose and your teachers are only looking out for your best interests. Keep studying hard at your maths though and I hope you get a good grade in the „real thing“.

Joseph asks…

Sorry to be rude but what does f***ing (rhymes with lucking) ones skirt actually mean?

Sorry about the bad language but I overheard it said by someone who has made rude comments about me at work before. He keeps on making remarks about me wearing long skirts and petticoats and has even suggested I wear them to ‚hide my pen1s‘.
I passed him today and I was pretty sure he was talking to someone quietly about me when I’m sure he said ’she’s probably been f***ing (rhymes with lucking)her skirt in the copier room‘. It obviously amused them immensely! I can’t believe it means what I think but if it does, I want to report the pig and get him dealt with properly.

admin answers:

I don’t know. Maybe he said „tucking her shirt“?

Ruth asks…

What to dress up as for Hunger Games premiere?

I am going to the midnight premiere of the Hunger Games and am debating on who to dress up as. I am mixed (tan toned kinda golden skin to explain it) and have long dark brown hair and I’m short with big brown eyes. I’m an older teen, so I was thinking either Johanna or a Capitol resident or Stylist such as Venia. I have a friend going as Peeta and Finnick and Clove so I’m like uhhhh. lol What do you think I could pass for!? Its difficult to choose but I can get away with Venia or Johanna. What do you guys think based on my appearance? And I can totally go with any other ideas as well!
I knoooowww, and I might and just have a mockingjay pin and be a rebel. Which is totally cool! But I am going with some friends who are dressing up and didn’t wanna be the odd ball and all, even though its not a big deal, BUT I waanna!

admin answers:

Ignore the fun-sucking answers about not dressing up because blah. Midnight premieres like these are way more fun if you actually make an event out of it, especially if you’re going with friends.

Anyway, first I’d find out what all of the people in the group are going to do; if it’s anything that kind of works cohesively as a group, you can dress up similarly so you don’t stand out from them, even in a costume (e.g. Dressing up hard-core like you’re from the Capitol while your friends are all dressed as poor district citizens).

It also depends on how crazy you want to be with it and how much attention you’re willing to receive (good or bad). If you want to go all out, dress like a Capitol citizen, either a known one like Venia or just a generic person (you can find plenty of pictures of background characters from the Capitol just through Google searches, for design ideas).
If you wanna tone it down, definitely consider dressing as a rebel or a tribute.

You can always just wear clothing that symbolizes something from the Hunger Games or the books/movies themselves, too, without dressing up entirely as a character. Like the pin you said you might wear. Just a creative t-shirt or something, with a character’s face painted on it or some writing.
Also consider what you would be able to manage as far as making the costume. If you or a friend can sew, then you can make whatever you want and dress as anyone or anything, but if you can’t then you should consider what you would need for these costumes and then what you already have or would need to find.

Sorry for the long answer, but I hope it helps. Happy Hunger Games!

Susan asks…

Im a Christian, but i want to go see a psychic?

I’m a Christian girl who was raised in a religious household.

I have been going through alot of emotional problems and i pray every night. For a while now ive seen this psychic place whenever i pass by it and ive always been curious. I read reviews online and i heard she is really good.

Right now, i feel like i have no choice. I feel so desperate. But i dont want to disgrace God and my beliefs. I dont want to get myself into some spiritual trouble. But i feel so desperate.

Is it bad? Are there any Christians or religious people who have seen a psychic? Help. Please

admin answers:

Micah 5:12 And I will cut off witchcrafts out of thine hand; and thou shalt have no more soothsayers.
1 Thessalonians 5: 21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

23 And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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