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Sandy asks…

zynga poker said i broke contact cause i have 2 facebook accounts but i don’t have that i only have 1?

i’m having problems with facebook and zynga poker, zynga poker said i broke the rules because i have 2 accounts with facebook, but i don’t i only have 1.

admin answers:

Send them email, because only them can fix your problem

Sandra asks…

Where are the courts at on online poker right now?

I know there was an appeal to the original law that a ruling was due on in July that got extended. Does anybody know when the final ruling will come out or is there even a scheduled date? Any opinions if they are going to be successful in keeping online poker?

admin answers:

There are actually several bills right now progressing through both houses of Congress regarding online poker. Some want a carve-out for poker, mahjong, etc because they are games of skill while others seek to eliminate the UIGEA altogether. There was a delay in the hearing regarding the UIGEA because the good guys (poker players and online poker industry people) wanted to have some testimonies or something that would really strengthen their case. Check out for more info on all of the legal poker happenings. Online poker is here to stay. The government is trying to get rid of it but it will just go ‚underground‘ and there will be less reputable sites for US players to go to, but we will still be there.

Jenny asks…

How does a sidepot in poker work?

I’ve heard that its there because you can’t win more than you bet. can some1 clarify the rules of sidepots for me?

admin answers:

You’re correct! In fact, you can have multiple side pots depending on people’s chip stacks.

Examples can get sort of tough, but I’ll try. I’ll use a simple example of the last four people at the table. The blinds are $200 and $100.

Player A starts the hand on the button with $600. Player B is in the small blind with $1000, COUNTING the $100 he just posted (meaning he has $900 left). Player C is in the big blind with $500, counting the $200 that he just posted (meaning he has $300 left). Player D has $400.

Player D is the first to act before the flop. Let’s say he pushes all in for $400. That makes the pot at this point BB ($200) + SB ($100) + player D’s all in ($400) or $700. Player A then pushes all in. Now, since player A had $600 to start the hand and player D only had $400, that leaves $200 that player D cannot win from player A. So, player A’s $600 all in is divided two ways:

$400 (to match player D’s chip stack) into the MAIN pot, bringing its total to $1,100 and $200 in the side pot.

Now, player B has the most money of all! He had $1,000 to start the hand, has posted $100 already, leaving him $900. Since no one has more than player A’s $600, the most player B can bet is that $600. Even if he says „all in,“ he doesn’t shove in his remaining $900. He would do exactly like player A did. He would divide his $600 between the main pot ($400) and side pot ($200). REMEMBER, he’s already put in $100 for the small blind; so, he owes $300 more to the main pot, bringing it to $1,400 and the side pot to $400. Let’s say that player C folds.

The main pot breaks out this way:

Players A and B put in the same amount as player D, which is $400. That is $1,200. Player C had posted the big blind for $200. Player D can win that too! So, they are all playing for the main pot, best hand wins. And players A and B are playing for the side pot of $400, best hand wins. They decide the side pot first; so, players A and B show their cards first. Then the winner of that showdown has a showdown with player D for the main pot.

Thomas asks…

Can you explain the 2/4 rule of poker to me?

In an easy to understand way, please!
Hi Zed…Sorry I should have clarified that I meant the 2/4 rule of calculating odds. Sorry!
I play on PokerStars :o)

admin answers:

You take how many cards left in the deck could complete your hand, and multiply that by 2 for the turn, 4 for the river. So say there’s 5 cards in the deck that will give you your hand. You multiply that by 2, and that tells you the chances of getting those cards during the turn, 10%. You multiply that by 4 to figure out the odds for the river, which would be 20%

Betty asks…

Guts Poker Question – Three Card Guts?

Our home poker game developed a controversy over a hand dealt.

The game is Three Card Guts with low card in the hole wild.

Player A was dealt 8-8-A and therefore had three aces. Player B was dealt 7-7-7.
Both players stay in.

Does player B have three sevens or three aces also?
If the low hole card is 7, does Player B have 3 wild cards?

If anyone knows of a poker rules web site stating this rule, please cite the URL with your answer.
@ P.M. – wouldn’t three natural aces still represent 3 wild cards since the low hole card is an ace?… my vote was that it was a push, as would be three natural aces.

admin answers:

Yes, if the rule is low card is wild, then the only thing that would beat it are three natural aces.

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