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David asks…

How do you make money as a poker affiliate?

What are the most important things to consider before becoming a poker site affiliate? How do you get traffic? (Please no affiliate links!!)

admin answers:

You get paid by getting players to sign up at a site. You can get a one time payment, or some sites let you collect a percentage for the life of the players rake. The best ways to promote are through your own website, friends, family, business cards, and flyers. You can make thousands of dollars each month, but it is very hard work. Develop a strategy, and then put your plan in action.

What worked best for me is a website and Real Casino poker chips that are custom printed for free by the site I promote. I pass them out all day long, and get about 5 real players a day signing up. If you need anymore information please let me know.

Robert asks…

How would I go about getting into poker?

I have absolutely no idea how to play poker at all, but I really want to learn. Does anyone have book suggestions or websites that will help get me started?

admin answers:

Some computer have poker game build in to it play on easy super easy get use to it

Maria asks…

What are my chances of winning this Poker tourney?

I have little live play experience but a lot of online experience.
I’m going to a poker tourney tomorrow night 50 players $60 buyIn.
What arE my chances of finishing in the money if the last 5 places get paid?
I read all of dan harringtons books and think I’m an above average player.

admin answers:

How can we possibly know? You said you have „a lot of online experience“. What does that even mean?

That could mean you’ve been playing with play money! That could also mean you’ve been playing with real money, but only in cash games. In either of those two scenarios, I’d say you have very little chance.

„A lot of online experience“ could also mean real money, but you’re a losing on-line player. Again – we have no idea, and again – if this is the case, you have no chance.

It also MIGHT mean that you have a lot of on-line experience playing and winning real money on-line TOURNAMENTS. Only if THIS is the case would I say you have a chance, and even then – even the best players need to have SOME luck to cash in a tournament. It’s poker! Weird things happen.

Susan asks…

Can someone give me ideas for homemade poker party decorations?

I have black and red balloons, streamers and ribbons for the balloons. I will be buying a few decks of cards but I need some ideas for homemade decorations. I will be making a trip to target tomorrow so if anyone knows of any thing I could buy there. I also plan to buy a green tablecloth to give it the feel of poker. 🙂 Open for any ideas related to this topic! Thanks!

admin answers:

You should make some big cardboard cutouts of the kings, queens, and jacks, paint them, and prop them against a wall or something. And little cutouts of hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs.
If you have an old deck of cards string fishing wire through the cards for one of a kind card streamers.
And disco balls are always good.

Donald asks…

How much does it cost to rent a poker table?

I was thinking of getting one for my boyfriends birthday next month. He loves poker. I was just wondering how much does it cost?

admin answers:

Yeah there is no reason to rent a poker table unless you are making a little mini casino or something for the night and really want it to look authentic or something…other than that you can play on just about any table really…

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