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Mary asks…

Xbox 360 game question…(WORMS…POKER GAMES).?

Ellooo alrite

ermm…Just wondering what the best poker game is you can play on live against people??? cos i wanna get one….

and also my lil nephew likes the worms games….whats the best one you can get for xbox 360 (or original xbox that u can play on the 360) he wants one where u can create your own worms and voices and lots of challenges etc…


admin answers:

I don’t know about the best poker game, but the best worms game is the one you can download from Xbox Live Arcade.

William asks…

What are some games like strip chess and poker?

what are some other games because I suck at both of those things?

admin answers:

Any game can be made a strip version. Do something. Or fail to do something and take off some of your clothes.

Heck, strip chutes and ladders. (Hit a chute and take something off.) Strip Candyland. (draw purple and take something off, not enough purple, purple and red.)

Sandy asks…

where can i find poker games in smithtown, ny?

admin answers:

You probably need to go to Foxwoods or Turning Stone

Michael asks…

what is the registration code for governor of poker 2 premium edition download from youda games?

I have looked at a number of sites and they all have alot of mixed feelings about whether the game is worth $20, and I do like the game but personally, I don’t want to blow $20 on a game that sucks. But who knows it could be a great game…. any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

There is no available registration code for that game… You need to actually purchase the game and then, get the code…

Good luck!

Ruth asks…

VIDEO POKER – Which Games Do You Play In Vegas?

While in vegas I like to play video poker (alot).. I usually play $1 games ($5/pull) . . I know that different machines have different pay tables & was wondering if anybody could explain what the ‚better‘ ones are . . maybe it would save me a few bucks in the long run. Either way . . thanks for reading this.

admin answers:

On a standard „Jacks or better“ machine, the main pay table stats you want to look at are the FULL HOUSE and FLUSH payouts. Serious video poker players generally rate their machines based on how these two hands pay out. Say the full house pays 7 and the flush pays 5 (per one credit bet), that’s referred to as a „7/5 machine“.

What you want to look for is a 9/6 machine. They’re really hard to find, but 9/6 is the best payout that a video poker machine can offer and still leave the house with an advantage. The majority of machines are 7/5 or 8/5 these days.

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