Your Questions About Poker Face

Donna asks…

Would I be made fun of if I sang poker face for a talent show?

I’m 15 a dude and would be playing it on guitar aswell. Would all the guys in school make fun of me??

admin answers:

That would be awesome. If you and I went to school together, I would want you to be my friend forever.

Ruth asks…

Would it be appropriate to use the word „poker face“ in a writing assignment?

to describe the facial expression of a person.

admin answers:

It depends on the type of assignment. It is metaphorical, so in fiction literature it works. In a professional business paper it is not good. I have seen similar metaphorical writing while grading undergraduate papers at Texas A&M. But, as a PhD student it would not go well in a professional or academic publication. Personally, I would not use it. It sends the reader the wrong message about your professionalism.

Thomas asks…

Could you maintain a Poker Face if you won £130million on the Euromillions Lottery?

admin answers:

Yeah, I probably could.

Mary asks…

Where can I find gloves like Lady Gaga wears in the Poker Face video?

I love them and want some for prom :]

admin answers:

I think David’s Bridal owns some. I think i wore some for my baptism from there.

Answer mine?


Betty asks…

What is the song „Poker Face“, by Lady GaGa about?

What is she trying to tell us?

admin answers:

Well I mean think about it. The key to playing poker is having a „poker face“ which is a face that no one can read and no one can understand what you are feeeling. The minute And she is talking about how guys cant read her poker face. The minute the other contestants(guys) can read a girls poker face, its over and they head for the hills. Guys suck by the way for always getting spooked too easily. And they say girls scare easy

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