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Richard asks…

Pregnant with #4…..What stroller?

okay so we have 2 kids in diapers and 3 kids under 3 right now soon to be 4 under 4.We have a 35 month daughter Autumn,and a 22 month old son,Dakota and a 9 month old daughter Alexis and we am expecting very soon.It will be another boy,so we need a stroller for boys and girls.We need something fairly cheap.We am willing to pay 500$ at the most,but preferred under 300$.We need something for our daughter to sit on,maybe the sit n‚ stand part of a stroller but we also need 3 seats on it.One seat has to hold a car seat,or at least recline all the way back but preferred holding one infant car seat.We live in the US so please refer me to US and Canada only sites.We’re not very interested in Babies R Us because they over price EVERYTHING!!!You can get EVERYTHING cheaper at Walmart.But we need something for four so we might have to go to Babies R Us for this one: ,but we like this one from WalMart: ,but we like this one as well: ,so we need any help.Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Mommy and Daddy
Mom and Dad
Rae and Al
Faith and Alex
Autumn and Dakota
Alexis and Sebastian
Um,I’ve posted an ad but no one seems to have what I’m looking for.

admin answers:

I would probably do the Joovy if you think your oldest will be ready for that once the baby is born. It depends how much you use a stroller for though, and how much you walk. 🙂 Good luck, you’re going to have your hands full!

Sharon asks…

which stroller you use for older kids?

hi, this is a pretty common question i guess.. i have two boys 1 year and 41/2 years, we travel internationally and with lots of (transiet stay in between where i need a stroller for both the kids, and alos we go on long trips here, so my older one sometimes wantto take a nap on whole day trip…. however i have a stroller that he is too big for now i have 2 choices ,
sit and stand type stroller.. where my elder one cant take a nap.but can sit and is more independent,…and its cheap
maclaren twin techno (already have one)..expensive , but both kids can lie down and take a nap, however it happens occassionally.that the older one wants to nap.
can you tell me if i sell the maclaren , and buy a sit n stand , that i will finally when he is older than 5 yerars )is it a good decision?
( i always feel guilt about buyingsuch expensive stroller and iam afraid to leave it unattended or in palnes so it could be damaged or lost)
my older one is not that much in stroller however every mom knows they want to be baby sometimes ,they do get tired ocassionally,like on vacations , my major concern are the airports with odd timings ……
rania is not my actuall name

admin answers:

I would stick with the Maclaren if you don’t need the double sell it and buy a single Maclaren. The Maclaren is better quality than the sit and stand. The Maclaren accommodates larger children more than any other stroller. It has the highest weight capacity that I have seen and is wider and more durable. The Maclaren is owned by a friend of mine that she bought when her boy was a year old. He is now 6 and a half and 67 pounds and still uses it regularly. (He is Autistic). Also a school for disabilities in my area has the Maclaren stroller lining the hallways of there school right next to all the wheelchairs.

Maria asks…

Can’t find a cover for infant car seat?

I have been searching for a plain black car seat cover for the car seat that my daughter used. I am pregnant with baby #2 a boy and I wanted to use the same car seat but put a cover over it. We are getting a sit n stand stroller because these two are only going to be 2 years apart and we figured it would be a lot easier with one of these. The sit n stand we are most likely getting is black and gray and I figured a plain black slip cover would work fine. I can’t find one anywhere and don’t know what to do. Buying a new car seat is really not something I want to do since my daughter’s is in great shape.
They do make covers for carseats. look it up. They are just really ugly.

admin answers:

They don’t make covers for car seats you have to get a new car seat if you want it a different color..

Donna asks…

Double stroller time. Is it a waste of money? What is your experience?

Baby #2 will be here a couple of months before #1 turns 3 years old. She already hates sitting in her buggy, but since she still runs away right now (just turned 2), sometimes she has to ride in it anyways. I will also be doing this ON MY OWN for about a year, so grocery shopping, errands, bank runs, etc all must be done with children in-tow.
I do plan on using a Graco carseat to start off for the baby, but the double stroller dilemma is practically keeping me up at night!

Please any moms WITH KIDS in similar age brackets give me your experience with the following:

Any double stroller you’ve used, brand, length of time it was used, and how the experience went.

Sit and Stand strollers.

A single stroller with a jump seat.

A single stroller and making the oldest walk, or using a peanut shell or other carrier for the baby to start and allowing the oldest to ride.

We tried the Graco Quattro Duo, and she acted just the same in that as she does in her Quattro single, which needs to be replaced anyways. She didn’t care for the sitn-stand at all. Could this change? Help! lol

Fairy dust, Im sorry who is walking who? My child is not a dog. And if I wanted parenting advice I would have asked for it. I asked for stroller advice. Thanks.
Some strollers Im looking at:
Bumbleride Queen B with toddler jump seat
Graco Quattro Duo
Phil and Teds with jump seat
Baby Jogger with jump seat
Valco with toddler seat

I haven’t found any traditional double strollers, aside from side-by-side joggers and the Graco Quattro Duo that are tall enough for me (36″ inseam) and live up to my standards of needing to be really tough and with tons of features.

admin answers:

I have 2 kids 3 years apart as well. I got the suburban safari double jogger about 9 months ago. I love it. I don’t think that strollers are the way to go for errands though. I think a front pack and stroller or ( I know it sounds mean) a kid leash or start putting her in the cart. My son (now 2) has one of those leashes that are also back packs and he loves it, it’s a monkey and he is always asking for it. He actually just wears it around without the leash on it sometimes.

We still use our stroller and the leash every week though.

Lisa asks…

I am due with my second boy. What’s driving me crazy is what car seat/stroller combination to get. opinions?

I have a Britax Boulevard convertible car seat, Stokke xplory with bassinet, and a cheap umbrella stroller from my first. Do I get an infant car seat or another convertible, and then should I get a single travel system, tandem, or double sit n stand, or work with what I have already? If I go out without my husband and the two kids it would probably only be for grocery shopping. My first was 2 in November and I’m due at the end of February.

admin answers:

I’d check out . It’s a good site- lots of info and customer reviews and ratings on tons of different strollers. You can also compare prices on the different models, and they have images and stuff so you can find the best stroller for your needs.

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