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Charles asks…

Does it cost me to play freeroll poker games?

admin answers:

No – as the name suggests its free and there is no joining fee. However you can win cash prizes/gifts depending on the tournament.

Donna asks…

Poker download games?

Are there any poker games where you download for free? Don’t give me Zynga poker or Zynga Texas Hold em! It’s a scam. I also wasted 200 dollars on that game.Theres always 2 same cards on the flop and it is completely rigged. A new glitch was the river. You always have a high chance of winning until the river changes the game. This happens like 10 times occasionally. ANYWAYS I really wanted to play Fulltilt, the best poker game or Pokerstars, the second best game, but their banned because real money online gambling is illegal in the US. Are there any games very similar to Fulltilt where you can change the backgrounds to make it look very cozy. Also a custom background option is nice with it. I only want to play play money btw. Also 1000 chip reload every something minutes is also very nice as well. Basically a game almost exactly like Fulltilt.

admin answers:

US player can’t use — but they can use which is the exact same thing except all the money is fake. (Notice the difference? One’s .com, other’s .net).

Completely free, plenty of tournaments of all games, and there’s always someone at the cash games — even the „obscure“ ones like 2-7 single draw.

Laura asks…

How do I tell Fred to stop coming to my poker games?

Fred Hodgson shows up all the time with out an invite and then takes over my Rock Band till 2 am

admin answers:

Send him a text – or email

George asks…

How poker games played?

admin answers:


Ken asks…

If a poker pro came to my weekly home games would he/she destroy everyone every week without fail?

And if so what would they do that was so different that me and my friends can’t do?

admin answers:

A poker pro will tend to dominate amatuers by great hand selection, position play and knowing how to get the most out of the hands they do play.

Here is the biggest difference:

The amateur looks at his starting hand and tries to find a reason to play it.

The Poker Pro looks at his hand and tries to find a reason NOT to play it!

Good luck at the tables!

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