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Michael asks…

Am 15, so why would my 40 year old cousin do this to me?

I met my 2nd cousin Brendan who is 17 for the first time in febuary.

Kerry is my 40 year old cousin.

Me and Kerry used to get on pretty well, she was always nice to me and everything even tho i was going out with her son, she dident mind and always asked when i was coming to stay over ect.

So asfar all knew we was pretty cool.

One day she deleted me off facebook and then i added her back and sent her a message saying „why aint i your friend no more?“ then without saying nothing she accepted me.

A few weeks later she deletes me again! and she still kept asking when am i coming over and how am i ect (over the phone)

But then for no reason at all on facebook, i got this message!!

„since bren has met you he‘ s been moody, a lier and now a thief, oh and he was playing strip poker with another girl did u know his nick name is horny monster, wish he never met you..“

I was soo hurt, it came out of the blue! but its not what she said cause i knew all that already before me and bren went out and i changed him into a good boy and he dosent do that stuff no more, all that is old news.
But its the fact that she actually said it and wanted to hurt me with it!!

I EVER STOP BRENDAN FROM USING OUIGI BOARD!!! whitch she absolutly hated, i got him out of his alcahol problem and everything… but instead of a thankyou, she wishes he had never met me :/ and i helped her by helping her son :/

Her son bren is now moving out as i tell you this. PLZZ tell me why should would say that after all i had done for him :/ xx

admin answers:

Why can’t you people write coherently?

Charles asks…

McCanns: McCanns threaten to sue again ?

We read that “angry Kate and Gerry McCann may sue over claims this week’s emotional TV interview was “staged like theatre”

Despite Kate being described as having a “poker player” and her heartfelt tears were called “part of the act” and Gerry accused of “controlling” Kate in the Spanish TV broadcast, by psychiatrist Jose Cabrera, the McCans have an ‚expert witness‘ who can prove that Kate McCann is not acting or controlled. The ‚expert witness‘ to Kates Character is believed to be none other than one Mrs Healy.

When are the McCanns going to proceed with their threats and sue ?

Toi-et-moi -good point

admin answers:


your grasping at straws yet again.
(a) He is not their psychiatrist so has broke NO confidentiality laws.
(b) He was asked to give his EXPERT PROFESSIONAL opinion of their actions during the interview.
I have always remained neutral on the subject and have only ever stated their guilt at leaving the children alone.
But im starting to have serious doubts about them after all this tosh has been released this week jane tanners impression of an abductor 4 months late the mccanns credible expert witness who turns out to be her mother.
And now there are certain pro mccanns rubbishing experts opinions your loosing your grip when it comes to this case so far i have seen no evidence to suggest that little maddie was abducted and all the deranged stories and statements that constantly change that are coming out of the mccann camp are not helping their case.
There is no evidence she died in the apartment either but day by day this theory is beginning to hold a lot more substance than what the mccanns are claiming.

James asks…

Professional gambler?

Correct me if Im wrong but why are there so many guys trying to be professional black jack players, sports betters etc. In my eyes the only true way to win money consistently day in and day out is in poker cash games. Even if you play in tournaments you can’t make money more times than not. I mean yes you can count cards but thats old news. The casinos know this and have multiple decks now. And Even IF you’re good at cash games you have to have literally years of experience.
@ Vegas Matt. Wow you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. You make MOST of your money at the craps table. Yes its possible to win at the craps table even for a long period of time. But you cant win at that game consistently and if you do you’re beating the odds. That game is structured so that the house has a pretty significant edge. Thats why the Casinos are making so much money.

admin answers:

Many professional gamblers dabble in a lot of various ventures. I would NOT say that there are „so many guys trying to be professional black jack players“. You’re probably watching too much TV and movies.

You CAN still beat a blackjack game, but it’s extremely hard to do unless you are highly skilled, very focused, and very disciplined. Most people that do it right claim it’s mind-numbing work, and you cannot do it well for more than short periods of time. (A couple hours.)

Only about 1% of the folks who bet on sports are able to do so profitably. These folks know how to find flaws in the betting lines, and they carefully place bets accordingly.

Certainly the biggest number of professional gamblers are primarily poker players. If they are tournament specialists, they don’t need to „make money more times than not“. They just need to make more money than they spend.

Susan asks…

2009 Poll: Have fun!?

1. Which celebrity who died in 2009 got the LEAST attention?
a) DJ AM Goldstein
b) Farah Fawcett
c) Patrick Swayzee
d) Ted Kennedy

2. What celebrity news story that occured in 2009 will still be remembered for at least another 10 years.
a) Rihanna getting beat up by Chris Brown
b) Jon and Kate divorce
c) Kanye West and Taylor Swift at the MTV awards
d) David Letterman’s Blackmail Scandal

3. What was the „cool“ thing to do in 2009, which most people found annoying?
a) Preteneding to be „Green“ (using cloth bags instead of paper bags, using a bicycle instead of using a car or public transportation, etc etc)
b) Making sure everyone knows you are/were a big Michael Jackson fan.
c) Twittering.
d) Being overly interested in Vampire movies, Vampire books, and Vampire TV shows.

4. What song will forever be followed by someone saying „This reminds me of 2009!“
a) Lady GaGa „Poker Face“
b) Beyonce „Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)“
c) Shakira „Shewolf“
d) Pussycat Dolls „Jai Ho“

5. What TV show that debuted in 2009 was the BEST and will most likely still be on TV next year?
a) Cougar Town (NBC)
b) Community (NBC)
c) Melrose Place (CW)
d) The Vampire Diaries (CW)

6. What product was the hottest thing to purchase in 2009?
a) Beatles Rock Band
b) Windows 7
c) A Micheal Jackson’s Greatest Hits Album
d) Hand sanitzer for swine flu prevention.

admin answers:

1. Not sure so a i guess.
2. B
3. D
4. A
5. Didn’t watch any of them
6. C i guess

Nancy asks…

Ex Girlfriend never contacts me. I miss her and still love her. What do I do?

Its been two months since my girlfriend of 7 months broke up with me. I miss her every day. I am constantly reminded of her throughout each day. When she broke up with me she said she needed time and needed to do this for her. I was crushed. We had an amazing summer together. We were never apart. Three weeks after we broke up she was back with her ex from before me. This news killed me because I was hoping she would come back to me. We never fought and got along great. I just don’t know what went wrong. She told me I was the best looking guy she ever dated too (so i know it wasn’t an attraction thing). I texted her right after the breakup for the first couple weeks. And tried calling her and she never would pick up. When we were together she told me wanted to marry me and we always talked about our future. Well now she broke up with the guy she was with right after us and is on to another random deush. The guy she is dating now used to hound her when we were dating but ignored him since she was with me. And she just broke up with the deush and she’s single again. Now I am feeling anxious to win her back before another guy moves in. When we were together she used to say to me if we ever broke up would you fight for me. And I always was like what? She is 19 and I’m 22. I just wish she would wake up and realize how much I love her and come back to me. I miss her she is everything I want in a girl. When i go out now I don’t really care about other girls. Everyone tells me to move on. But its like she is still with me no matter what i do. Like I try not to think about her then i do and look at her facebook then see her and it cuts me like a hot poker. And i have to go punch the wall. I am really torn up over her. I moved to the same city as her and now I dont know anyone really and am struggling to find another job. I just don’t know how I could mean nothing to her when I love her and we were so great together. I just don’t know what to do. I wish she would call me or talk to me on facebook or something. I miss her so much i used to talk to her everyday. Now that she is single again I want to get her back. I love her so much. I would do anything to have her back. I was thinking I could send her flowers and write a little note like I still love you and am thinking of you. Should I try this or something else to try and get her back? Because I dont want her to think I don’t care about her. I have tried this no contact and she like texts me once every blue moon wonderin what im up to. Someone please help me figure out a way to get her back. Thanks..

admin answers:

Stop giving her the attention she craves. That’s not fair that she can put you away like a toy and then open her toy chest and see what your up to. You need to cut yourself off completly of her. Anything that reminds you of her should be tossed. No contact and no communication. She sounds like a girl and you need a woman. She is not going to wake up anytime soon. Only time will heal this. Get busy living or get busy dying is my words to you. I know what your going through dude. I’m going through the same thing right now. You got to be a man. Your a man and not a boy toy. Be thankful your not the next guy that she will torture. You have already got through thr hardest part. Thr greatest revenge is to move on and be happy by yourself. Start getting out all that rage and pain through exercise and hobbies. One day she will probably look back and relize how good she had it with you. If you let this tear you up and she checks on you then your gonna look weak. The goal from now on is to better yourself so when the right woman comes into your life she will admire you and appreciate you. It’s time to put yourself first and forget about a relationship. Go have fun and stay around people. Breathe and stand tall bro. Push forward.

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