Your Questions About Poker Face

Helen asks…

What are the words to poker face buy lady gaga?

please help its driving me and my friends mad..

admin answers:


copy and paste that link and you will see the lyrics!!!

Good song

Sharon asks…

Version of lady gaga’s poker face with a male rapped in background?

It’s not „I poke her face“ by kid cudi.

Some of the rap goes „Your poker face makes you look tough“ and „Baby I can show you how to play this little game“

Please help! I’ve heard this version on the radio but that’s it and I really want to know where to find it!!

admin answers:


Feature Gorilla Zoe.

Charles asks…

What does it mean when someone tells you that you have a „poker face“ ?

admin answers:

It mean that your face shows no emotion or does not give away what you are thinking. People who play poker need to hide these things and so there face gives nothing away. Simple 🙂

Thomas asks…

Who sings the song, something like „say what you like“ with lady gaga’s poker face in the background?

What is the name and who sings it?

admin answers:

Kid Cudi „Make Her Say“ Featuring Common, Kanye West, and Lady Gaga

John asks…

Where can I find a download of Lady gaga’s Poker face vocals?

All the ones I find aren’t accurate enough. You can still hear the song in the background

admin answers:

I don’t think they ever released the studio acapella so you probably won’t find anything better than what you’ve already found.

(To the person’s answer below me)
All that is doing is rearranging the equalizer to take out anything that appears to not be the vocals. You would get about the same result as any DIY acapella you could find on the internet.

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