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Nancy asks…

What are „odds“ and „odds“ in poker?

Can someone simplify the definition of „odds„? I find it confusing after reading off wikipedia…and how is it that odds benefit my poker game?

And how do i calculate odds?

What about „outs„? Is it the number of cards that can help to improve my hand?

Also…anyone got sites or books with good tips or strategies to recommand for amateurs like me..or i suppose…fishes, to study on?

Thanks a million in advance (:

admin answers:

Odds simplified, Kinda.

Outs – Not necessarily the number of cards that will improve your hand, but the number of cards that will give you, what you believe to be, the winning hand.
For example, if you have an open straight draw and you believe you need the straight to win, you have 8 outs. BUT, if you believe your opponent has a flush, than you are drawing dead and have 0 outs. Although the 8 cards will still give you a straight, your straight would not win.

Pot Odds – The amount in the pot divided by the amount you need to call(to one).
Example, If the pot has $80 and someone bets $20 making the pot $100, you must call $20 to win $100. 100/20=5(to 1). So you are getting 5 to 1 odds.
This simply means that 1 out of 5 times that you are in this exact situation, you need to win to make a profit.
So, how do you know if you will win 1 in 5 times? You will need to know how often you will make your hand.
In the above outs example using the straight, there were 8 cards out of 47 remaining (assuming only the flop was out) that you need to make your straight.
47/8=5.87(in one) So you will make your hand roughly 1 in 6 times. Not quite what you need (You need this to be 1 in 5 or lower).
This is where implied odds come in.

Implied odds – These are the odds you EXPECT to make if you hit your hand. Most losing players use this as a reason to call hands that they shouldn’t be in. Don’t do this.
If you realistically believe that if you hit your straight that you can get another 20 out of your opponent, than this changes your odds to 120/20=6(to 1). This is right where you need to be to make your call.
The way players use this wrong is assuming they will get more than they can if they hit their hand. Don’t over assume. Also, be mindful of your opponents stack, if it is too small, you probably don’t have the implied odds you need.

Resources –
There are MANY great resources out there.
Books – Harington on Holdem, Kill Everyone, Advanced Holdem for Advanced Players.
Forums –
Training sites –,

obviously, the best way to learn is to play. Start at the very bottom and play EXTREMELY tight and work your way up. Always try to figure out what players are holding and predict what they will do next, even when you are not in a hand.

Good luck, hope this helped.

John asks…

poker pott odds?

can someone help me to figure out the easiest quickest way to calculate pot odds in no limit holdem also how do you get what percebtage based on the odds you are to win?

admin answers:

All pot odds are is the money in the pot verses what you have to call. So lets say that you are on a flush draw, this means that you are 3-1 to make your draw. And lets say the pot has 1000 dollars in it, and the other player bets 200 into the pot. So you would have to call 200 dollars to win 1200 dollars, you pot odds are 6-1 on your money, so you should call and see the turn card. Now lets say the pot has 1000 dollars in it and the other player bets 1000 into the pot. You are now getting only 2-1 on your money, and since your draw is a 3-1 shot, you should now fold your draw. Implied odds come into effect as well when we are talking about pot odds. Implied odds are the amount of money you can win if you hit your hand against the other players, for example if you are in a 4 way pot and you are not really getting the right price to draw to your hand, but you have 3 people in the pot, and two more behind you, you may still want to call off in this spot, because if you hit your turn card you can win a very large pot. Just to keep it simple i always think in my head of whats in the pot, then i think if it is worth it for me to call off my chips.

William asks…

Texas Holdem Poker : Can you explain pot odds? If there is 200$ in the pot and you have to call 50$?

Do you do the 50/200 or 50/250? I have read both in common holdem books. I understand outs and implied odds.

admin answers:

Say there’s $150 in the pot. If your opponent bets $50, then there’s now $200 in the pot and you have to call $50. The pot odds in this case are 200/50 or 4 to 1.

To make this call profitable, you must expect to win the hand one out of FIVE times with 4 to 1 pot odds. To figure out the percentage of the time you must win, you divide 50/250 (in other words, the total you must call divided by the total amount you get back if you win) which is .20 or 20% of the time.

So in summary, when you win you’re getting paid off 4 to 1, which means you must win more than 20% of the time or 1 out of 5 times to be profitable.

Michael asks…

poker is luck but why do people claim to be pros and say that its there skill as to why they win so much?

the game is absolute bull sht ive played it for too long now and i know that its about 90% luck…10% skil yeh obviously you dont be a fish with king jack etc but in todays poker world id say about 100% of the players know that, so tell me what seperates you from the rest of the field? and dont say its because i suck because how is getting my money in ahead and coming out a loser a sucker? here is my poker odds… when its 50/50 from my experience im about 10/1 dog!!!! i never ever win a 50/50…..i have aces 4/1 fav im about even money the way i run its so shit.
hahaha first answer….
wow what abunch of losers! well why is ivey the best poker player? cos he flops jacks full vs antonius who flops trip aces…. that means iveys the best does it hmm ok… if it was reversed it would be antonius dick ur all sat on would it ? but why is it the way it is? LUCK!!!! fuckin retards.

admin answers:

Poker absoulutly does have a fair amount of luck in it and if you ask the pros any of them will tell you that this effects your game. Skill is certainly a HUGE part of the game though. The idea of being a good poker player is that you can read when someone is bluffing and tell if you have the better hand weather its reading what they did in other hands or simpily by their body language. Also: A good poker player knows when to put in what bets, weather they want the person/persons they are playing against to fold or they want to bleed as many chips off them as they can. A real good poker player is able to read players, positions, bluffs, bets and able to minipulate the pot.
Good luck

George asks…

poker pot odds?

what is a quick in easy way to figure it out? times by 4 before the flop and times by 2 on the turn and river? for an estimate or is there and easier way?

admin answers:

Well, that’s the easiest way to figure the odds of catching a hand… Pot odds use that percentage in comparison with the percentage of the current pot you’d need to put in to call the bet. If the odds of you catching it are better than the percentage of the pot you’d need to call, it’s worth calling.

From Wikipedia:
In poker, pot odds are the ratio of the current size of the pot to the cost of a contemplated call. In other words, if the pot contains $100, and a player must call $10 to stay in the hand, then the player has 100-to-10, or 10-to-1 (commonly expressed as 10:1), pot odds. Pot odds are often compared to the probability of winning a hand with a future card in order to estimate the call’s expected value.

Pot odds are a ratio, but having their percentage value will often make them easier to work with.

The ratio has two numbers: the Size of the Pot, and the Cost of the Call. To get the percentage value, we add the Size of the Pot and the Cost of the Call numbers together and record their Sum. We then divide the Cost of the Call by the Sum.

The pot is $30, and the cost of the call is $10. The pot odds in this situation are 30:10, or 3:1 when reduced. To get the percentage, we add 3 plus 1 get a sum of 4. Now we divide 1 by 4, giving us 0.25, or 25 percent.

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