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Michael asks…

Texas Holdem – PC game with hand evaluation and odds ?

Hi !

I’m trying to find a PC game that is both graphically nice (like Governor of Poker) and that enables the player evaluate his hands with odds table.
I want this to improve my personal odds evaluation.


admin answers:

Its always nice to see forum posts regarding Texas Holdem, im glad I signed on before going to bed. Simple answer is, buy Poker Edge 5.0.

My best advice for you, if you want to become a serious player, is to abandon playing games and trying to analyze hands. The only way you can become better is to buy an actual program and play online for starters. After that you can focus on your live game.

I advocate online for a few simple reasons:
1-Easy access to poker, 24/7. Theres always a game going.
2-More hands per hour. You can see pretty much 4X the hands you see playing live.
3-Play. You play against other people, not computers. This is the best experience you can gain.

Pokerstars and FullTilt offer cash games as low as .01/.02 (one cent, two cent blinds). Start off playing on FullTilt since they offer rakeback…

First, go to and look for rakeback, as this will help you earn back some of the money the site takes. Use an e-check, visa, or prepaid debit card to put $100 online. Then either buy Poker Edge 5.0 or play for a while for fun, and through your rakeback you can earn a copy of it for free among other bonuses.

Good luck and see you at the tables!

Nancy asks…

Poker Math and Pot Odds?

Say I’m in the big blind, the table’s 9-handed, with blinds of 500/1000 and an ante of 100, so the starting pot is 2400.

I’m trying to figure out how much a person has to raise all-in for me to be receiving pot odds of 2-to-1, 1.9-to-1, 1.8-to-1, etc, all the way down to 1.1-to-1.

For example, if someone raises all-in for 4400 chips, the pot is now 6800 and it’s costing me 3400 to call the 4400 raise as I’ve already posted the 1000 big blind, giving me pot odds of exactly 2-to-1 (6800-to-3400).

Is there some kind of formula I could use for this to work the rest out?


admin answers:

Suppose you need to know what the raise would be in order to get exactly r-to-1, where r>1 is the desired ratio.

Let the raise amount be x. Then the total pot is x+2400. The amount for you to call is x-1000. So we have r = (x+2400) / (x-1000). Solve for x:

rx – 1000r = x+2400,
x*(r-1) = 2400 + 1000r,
x = (2400+1000r) / (r-1).

Thus, for each r = 1.1, 1.2, …, 1.9, you can compute x.

Also, you can generalize the solution. Let the starting pot = p and big blind = b. Then the final solution is x = (p + b*r) / (r-1).

Carol asks…

what are the rules when it comes to table talk at poker games?

i know what good etiquette is considered..but theres a grey area where it is never explicitly stated whats allowed and whats not…ive argued one way or another for the following situations–im talking primarily at home games, but how would a casino feel as well

-player A goes all in…player B shows his cards and people tell him what to do–i feel while this certainly is not proper etiquette, ultimately the decision is up to player B and he can do as he wishes..also, if player B doesnt show his cards can people try to put him on a hand? (obviously poor etiquette, but is it allowed?)

-player A raises all-in preflop with a hand like aces, someone calls, action is to the last player who is seriously considering…player A says something along the lines of „dont call I have a monster that definately has you beat“–basically odds are player A wins, but the more people in the hand, the more people have a chance to outdraw him

many people i play with are against the 2 above situations, yet they usually agree to check through after calling an allin preflop- that is surely also a form of tabletalk?

admin answers:

I cannot stand table talk. I even get pissed when others at the table sigh or roll their eyes when the flop hits A, 3, 5 and they folded 2, 4.
They are pretty much telling anyone else in the had that one of the solid hands possible for the board was folded.
As for your first situation; if this is something that is allowed at your games-then that’s the way it is. I have many home tournaments and cash games and this happens on occasion, but never in an all-in situation because its a poor play. If you show your cards at a casino to ANYONE at the table, even if not in the hand, your cards are mucked.
For the 2nd; again, it’s not a good idea, but I’ve seen it happen at lot at home games and often the person raising was full of it. If you do it at a casino, you will likely get a warning as you are not supposed to talk about your cards, you can say „I’d fold if I were you.“ or „I’d love for you to call me.“ but speaking directly to the strength of your hand is frowned upon.
As for the checking down… This is something that should NOT be agreed upon by players. If you push all in, and I show my pocket kings asking you and everyone else what I should do, I could get an indication from you that you have me beat, or I could see player C’s face and pick up that he folded a king, or anything else. As for the „monster“ scenario, if A goes all in and then B calls and C calls and B and C agree to check the pot, they just reduced player A’s odds of beating one of them and that it a terrible thing to do and their hands should be mucked– that is collusion and will get you kicked out of a casino.

William asks…

what are the odds of this happening(poker)?

well what happened was me and my friend went to the casino on my 100 dollar bank roll i split it up between us(50each) and i lost all my money like 2 hours later so i go to him to see how he is doing he is at 400 so i tell him lets go your up you won allot of money lets go(we were going to split our winnings) so i leave him and walk home to the casino cause he says hes on a „lucky streak“ i text him an hour later to see if he left or not he says that he lost all his chips.He claims he has a straight flush flopped and someone at the table had a royal, i also texted him back how much he has left he said 50 bucks then i call him and he changes his story to leaving with 0. did he scam me or is that possibility
i forget i should add that my friend is a little envious cause i have alot of money outside of gambling which he talks about quite often. so yes i did think he scammed me thinking about the odds of that happening and he mentioned bad beat(im very new to playing poker in casino so i dont know what that is)
also ive yet to confront him about this when i do thou is their anything i can say to see if he is lying or not?

admin answers:

Your friend is lying to you. Never lend people money to gamble with. If your friend cannot come up with $100 of his own to gamble with, then he is a loser. Pure and simple.

Anyone with a job, and an intelligent financial outlook should be able to scrape together $100. If they cannot, then they should not be gambling at all.

There are only a handful of cards your friend could have been holding that flopped a straight flush, but allowed for someone else to river a royal flush. I believe your friend had to have two suited cards between 6 and 9. The flop had to have included the three other cards needed to make a straight flush on the flop, and would have to include the 10. Then the turn and river would have to have included the two remaining royal flush cards that his opponent didn’t have.

In Hold’em the odds of making a royal by the river is some around one in 64,973. But the odds of someone else at the table flopping a straight flush in a manner that still permits another player to hit a royal flush by the river, has to be pretty ridiculous.

All in all, it sounds much more like your friend either lost his winnings, and wanted a story that sounded better than the fact he was too stupid to quit while he is ahead. Or he did quit while he had some winnings and decided it was better to keep them, than give you half.

I’d ask him what his hole cards were on the hand, just to see if he is lying. If he tells you he doesn’t remember, or gives you two cards that make his story impossible, you have proof he is lying.

In any case, I think this is a person you’d be better off not having in your life.

Joseph asks…

Odds of two straight flushes being won in a poker tournament within one hour. I was playing poker at ?, I won the first straight flush beating out a flush A high. The second straight flush I had a flush A high and someone beat me out with a straight flush,this was at the same table.This seems a little fishey, of course my husband thinks sportbook poker is not on the up and up, he feels they decide when and were the cards will be dealt with all the computer knowledge. Anyone out there play sportsbook poker and what are your thoughts??? Also there seems to be to many river winners!! Thanks

admin answers:

The odds on computer played is not as high as a live game.. But they are both high
one time in a live game i caught quad 4’s twice with in 5 hands.. Once on the flop when i had pocket 4’s and the other time i had suited connectors and caught runner runner after a 4 was on the flop

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