Your Questions About Poker Face

Susan asks…

What is the best music video of gaga between poker face , paparazi or bad romance .?

admin answers:

Poker face is a bit descent video than the other two…. Although her evry songs are superb , video is kinda…..

James asks…

In Lady Gaga’s song, ‚Poker Face‘, What does she mean by, ‚can’t read my poker face?‘?

I heard the song is dirty, and I’ve only heard it once or twice.

What is she talking about?

admin answers:

A poker face is a face where you can’t tell what they’re thinking. It’s like a hard, cold, concentrated face that’s hard to „read“. It’s called a poker face because people usually use that face when they are playing poker, so that they don’t give themselves away.

Carol asks…

What is the dog called from Lady Gaga’s Poker Face?

I had a great dane growing up and mine was brown and now I see this dog that looks like its a great dane but its black and white. What is this dog called?

admin answers:

They are Great Danes.
Danes come in seven colours. Fawn (golden brown), Brindle (black sripes on fawn), Black, Blue (smoke grey), Harlequin (black or blue on white), Mantle (black with white colour, feet, chest, blaze and tip of tail)

Check these google images and you’ll see some of the different colours.

Jenny asks…

whats that song with poker face and blame it and others all mixed together?

it sounds like kanye west but im not sure help haha

admin answers:

Yeah you’re right. It’s Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West and Common- Make Her Say

Betty asks…

What do you think mean lady gaga’s song alejandro & poker face?

admin answers:

Poker Face means „poker facing“ with your sexuality. Like being a bisexual. Because lady gaga would used to think of woman while having sex with her boyfriend.. So poker face is basically about that.

And alejandro is about leaving your „fuck buddy“ but he doesnt want to let you go. But the music video is about celebrating gay rights.


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