Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

Chris asks…

Does any unlocked GSM phone work with Walmart Mobile?

Does any unlocked GSM phone work with Walmart Mobile or do you have to buy one of their phones. If I have an old T-Mobile phone can I just activate it if it is unlocked? Can I buy a T-mobile phone off ebay and activate it?

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David asks…

Does a unlocked cell phone mean i can buy a verizon cell and use my at&t sim card in it?

are there any down falls of buying a unlocked phone? any problems with doing this?

admin answers:

Verizon does not unlock their cell phones. Secondly Verizon phones do not have a place to put in a sim card. Thirdly, Verizon runs on CDMA network while AT&T runs on GSM network. Which means to incompatible. That would never work.

Mandy asks…

Does an unlocked phone mean I can use it with any carrier?

Ok, I have AT&T as my carrier, but they do not carry the LG Rumor. I also was considering the Tilt, or the Duo. I found the Tilt and Duo unlocked, and ALOT cheaper, on ebay. As for the Rumor, I saw it for a fairly cheap price, unlocked on ebay. But none of them were AT&T. So does that mean I can buy eathier of the unlocked phones, and they will work with my carrier?

O‘ I almost forgot, I have an AT&T Go Phone (pay as you go), does that matter.

So a Verizon, or T-Mobile (etc…) phone will work with my AT&T sim card?

admin answers:

You can use an unlocked phone and/or unlock a phone with any carrier but verizon. Verizon uses cdma, and they don’t have sim cards, so u wouldn’t be able to put ur at&t sim card in the phone for it to work. You can unlock a tmobile phone and use it with at&t and it’ll work. Anything but a sidekick because you wouldn’t be able to use the features because the only plan that works with a sidekick is thru tmobile. I hope that helped, & if u have any other questions about it, feel free to email me.

Betty asks…

Does anyone know of any website that offers free phone unlocking…..?

I have a Sony Erricson K800i which i need to take off Vodaphone (as their service is unbelivabley rubbish) and i need to get an a code to unlock it so i can use it on another network.
Does anyone know of any website where i can do this for free (as im skint!)?
I have tried on google and tried a few recommended sites but cant find anything as yet!

admin answers:

Just put in free phone unlocck in web search.

Ken asks…

Can a nextel SIM card be placed in any unlocked phone?

i have a nextel direct connect phone but i dont want one with the direct connect but my parents contract is for two years and they dont want to change it so i wanted to know if i can put the SIM card in any unlocked phone or does it have to be from nextel?

admin answers:

Nextel SIM card will not work with unlocked phone.

Nextel SIM card works differently than with ATT, T-Mobile, or any other GSM SIM card, Nextel SIM card uses IDEN system with is totally different system than GSM system.

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