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Ruth asks…

Puppy Education class or neuter?

We have a 5 month old blue nose pit bull and would like to know which is more important to do first. We’re going to do but moneys a little tight.

We’re going to do an eight week puppy education class at Petsmart or Petco, haven’t decided which yet. Key topics include „basic manners, socialization with people/dogs, problem prevention etc.“

But I think theres‘ a certain age gap where you’re supposed to have them neutered. They may pass that pitbull neuter thing so we might as well do it, plus I’ve heard if you dont get it done the males will be more aggressive, dont know if thats true or not.


admin answers:

Puppy classes first is the best way to go. Besides vets like the dogs to reach maturity before they neuter or spay. I have always had bitches and for those the puppy must have its first season, then the vet will spay two weeks later after the season finishes – this is because the hormones have then settled down, if they do it much later, they run the risk of the female dog thinking its always pregnant.

So though I have not had little boys, again I would highly presume a vet will prefer that your boy reaches maturity first. Not being funny, but its like with human males, at a certain age the balls drop – yes I am smiling and having a giggle to myself typing this, but in all seriousness, it must be the same for animals, for they too have to mature. So off to the classes, which is an excellent idea, and so very very beneficial especially to the dog but great fun and learning for you too.

Good Luck and enjoy your little chap for many years to come. Talk to the vet about timing, it will put your mind at rest.

Lizzie asks…

can i pass through ontario with my pitbull?

im moving and have to go through ontario. I have a APBT nicest dog in the world for the record! can i pass through the province with my dog?
for every nice pit there is 10 bad ones? lol seriously you must be from ontario or something i know more than 10 people with pits all are just a lap dog. Your one of the people bringing the breed down dude. educate yourself.
youd be wrong man look some studies up there are dogs more likely to attack than a pit, 83% of pitts passed an aggression test while labs were only 71%, people think any short haired muscular dog is a pit. Even with ontario banning pits the dog attack numbers barely moved.

admin answers:

If it is muzzled, has its papers, stays in the car, and is never let off leash.

Carol asks…

How long for a bowel obstruction to pass in a 90 lb dog (Pitbull)?

Last weekend, My dog, 4 year old pitbull, started acting wierd and throwing up everything he ate. I took him to the vet on Sunday (five days ago) and she said that he had a bowel obstruction 3 inches long in his small intestine and that the radiologist was confident that it would pass and surgery was suggested but wouldn’t be necessary. Since Tuesday, he hasn’t thrown up at all and has been pooping either multiple M&M sized poos or 2.5 inch long toostie roll sized poos. I would think that he would have pooped it out by now but hasn’t. Yesterday, my dog refused eating regular dog food or the high fiber dog food but ate mac N cheese off of my young nieces (about 1 cup’s worth). This morning after refusing his favorite dog food, I made a mixture of 1 part high fiber dog food, one part shredding/chopped cooked hotdog, and one part raw hamburger (all together about 1 cup of food). He gobbled it up. I’m hoping that he continues to poo for me.

My question is how long should this take to pass?

admin answers:

Ummmm…the dog may need to go back to vet. If it is truely stuck the dog may need surgery or can die…sometimes they can’t pass it on their own or since the xray it may have become stuck….by delaying this can cause intestines to die and ever rupture and leak out toxins into the dogs body.

Donna asks…

What are some songs with good bass?

I just got a sub in my car, and i would like to get the most use out of it, of course.
So my question is, what are some good dance/hip hop type/techno type songs with a lot of bass ?
Something like Pass At Me by Pitbull, Timbaland, and David Guetta

Thanks !!!

admin answers:

Pass Out – Tinie Tempah
Shutterbug – Big Boi
1980 – REHAB
Dance (ass) – Big Sean
Strange Clouds – B.o.B
Toot It and Boot It – YG

Jenny asks…

can i pass through ontario with my dog? he is a pitbull?

i know ontario’s govern. is full of idiots so i have to ask this question im not risking my dog being taken if i let im out to pee when on the road. Im moving and have to pass through ontario, can i bring my dog through? do i need some sort of permit?
i want to know for certain this dog is a part of the family, we all love him.

admin answers:

I believe the breed legislation applies only to dogs owned by people living in the province. But to be safe, I would research the Ontario website or make a call to the beareau.

I wonder what crawled up Lucy’s rectum.

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