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William asks…

Math question this is urgent please help!?

We have a quest (large quiz) in math tomorrow and Im looking over this study guide she gave us yesterday and we have to determine the end behavior and whether the function is even or odd only given a function. Now I’m not sure if we’ll be allowed to use a calculator on the quest, but just in case, algrebriaclally, how do you find these too things out???

Also on another page its telling me to graph a situation. Here is the situation (they want me to sketch a graph with these parameters):

interval of decrease from (-infinity, -3) U (1, 4)

The U is the the little upside down parabola used in interval of in/decrease parameters.

I know its a lot, but please!

admin answers:

We are experiencing some very slow loading times on our Suggestion Boards. We are working to fix the problem. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Maria asks…

Could I be pregnant or just irregular?

Im not sure when my last period was, but my mind acts as a sort of calculator. I know that I should have had it three or four weeks ago. Maybe longer by a week, or sooner than a week. I came off of the pill around eight months ago. My periods are generally pretty regular. Sometimes im off by a week or so. I had thought I was about three months ago as well, but recieved my period the very next day after the test was negative. I took a test two days ago that said negative, and was just informed by my mother that with her pregnancies it took up to two- three months for it to show in her urine. My nipples are very sore, almost a sharp pain when touched, and I have had the odd cramp on the one side of my stomache. Im not sure what to think.

admin answers:

I would take a blood test. It might just be from getting off the pill. But if you have gone this long without a period, go to a doctor and they can give u something to help start it. But if u think u are pregnant, get a blood test done.

Betty asks…

lovebirds – HELP WITH GENETICS PLEASE!!! :)?

hi, i was wondering if someone has an answer… I was wondering what mutation of lovebird would be made by breeding a seagreen peachfaced lovebird ( male ) and a lutino peachfaced lovebird ( female ) i know that this is an odd shot because i dont know the genetics of each birds parents… but if someone can help that would be great. i went onto a website called and they details i recieved where as below:

Male Normal Green /Dutch Blue /Lutino
Male Normal Green /WF Blue /Lutino
Female Normal Green /Dutch blue
Female Normal Green /WF Blue

^above^ possible mutations created

if anyone could give me information on this or pictures – this would be great – it would really help me understand more clearly. thankyou so much, good luck answering!

admin answers:

I know this is not the answer you want to hear, buut..
I personally think that you should let it be a surprise, i did that with my budgies, and got
a teal male and an aqua female the parents were green(male) Blue(female)
it really doesnt matter about the genetics as much, they come out the color they are..:)
but, here is a picture that i found of the first and second last

good luck,
sarah xx

Joseph asks…

Do I have an anxiety disorder?

I asked this question earlier and got some really helpful answers, but I though I would ask again to see some more thoughts. I think I am suffering from some anxiety disorder bu tI’m not sure which. I am getting testeff or ADHD and most likekly have it.

-I constantly fear that someone will break into my house
-I absolutely cannot be alone
– I get worried everytime I hear a noise
-I constantly wworry that something I say may be misinterpreted as mean
-I dont trust anyone. I’m never really sure if my friends actually like me
-I have to check my room before someone enters as I am afraid they will judge me.
-If i let someone use my computer, I have to clear my history and go to every webiste to double check its gone.
-I avoid talking to new people because I dont know what to say and I think they will think Im weird
– I obsess over how I look, mostly because I think people will judge me by it
-I have zero confidence and always need assurance
-I have an odd habit of constatly checking things (if I am scared, I will constantly look outside to make sure no one is there)
-When I look at something (no matter how random) I will keep on looking back at it to see exactly wher eit is, what color it is, the agnle its at ect…
-When I take a test, I will do an operation maybe 2 or 3 tiems on a calculator before I am sur eI have the right answer
ADHD is a separate issue but is often related to anxiety so I thought I would say it.
Great answers. What I am saying is that I have ADHD, but I didn‘ t list any of the symptomss. I said it simply because it often has an effect on anxiety. Just ignore it.

admin answers:

It sounds to me like you are suffering from social anxiety disorder, as well as OCD. I say this because you stated that you are worried about how other people will judge you. You’re really self conscious, and feel uncomfortable around people because you get so nervous that you don’t know what to say. I think you have OCD because you repeat behaviors over and over again. If you don’t repeat that same behavior it will bring about a lot of anxiety, until you finally perform the ritual again and again. This is my opinion. Although, it would be best for you to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist who will evaluate you. Give you a diagnosis, and come up with a treatment plan that will best suit your needs. SAD is a very common disorder. A lot of people suffer from it, but there is hope. With treatment, you can overcome your SAD and OCD. Do you experience panic attacks at all? In the meantime, i want you to try something. When you have to go out, or be around people i want you to practice slow breathing exercises. It will help to reduce your anxiety. Take in a slow deep breath. (in through your nose, out through your mouth) Hold it for 7-8 seconds. Then slowly exhale. You can do this anywhere. Repeat it until your anxiety subsides, or you start feeling better. I think you have reason to believe that something is going on with you. Now, you need to see a professional who can confirm the diagnosis. I’m not a psychiatrist, but i suffer from SAD and OCD, and your symptoms seem so similar to mine. Some of them, anyway. I really hope i was able to help, and that you get the help that you need and start feeling better soon. Good luck!

Sharon asks…

Where do the profits, I mean donations from churches end up?

This is something I have been wondering for a while now. I decided to get out the old calculator and do some calculations.

For the purposes of this excercise, we will omit the wealthy 1% of the population.
Also, we will omit all other religious divisions and focus on the big one, Christianity.

Middle class income averages 24k-35k per year

If your following the teachings of JC and other „bible scholars“

10% is the amount you should „tithe“

Say the average is 30k, well 10% of 30k is 3k
For the sake of making this point fairly obvious we will do 2 things.
1. Assume that everyone in the middle class belonging to a church will donate (which I know is a broad assumption).
2. Assume that everyone in the middle class gives about 5% or half what is „required“.

So $1500.00 per person per year. Well right off the bat this seems like a bit of an investment, after all my water bill for a year is about $1200.00 so already it would be more expensive to believe in a „god“ that it is to get water.

But thats just one person you say?
Yeah just one person.

Lets use a very conservative number like 1 million christians tithe 5% of their income every year.

So, $1500.00 x 1,000,000 = 1,500,000,000………. wait wait wait.

Am I calculating this right, 1.5 billion?

So 1.5 billion dollars of tax free money is „tithed“ to churches every year? With my estimates only having 1 million christians tithing only 5% of the yearly income….

Honestly, I had not done any calculations prior to typing this question. I am now speechless and dumbfounded at how corrupt religion really is.

I thought it was odd that 10-50 million dollar „houses of god“ spring up daily around the country.
In response to the first two answers received, why is it corrupt? Well, with my considerably underestimated estimate, this means that given our current economic crisis, 1.5 billion dollars worth of tax could be seen as a good thing.

The second response, 40% to Africa? Really? Seems like that is a far cry from helping out our country. If you wanted to end suffering in the world why dont you start by recognizing that it is religion that created it in the first place.
The third response,

Yes, it costs money to run a house of god, as we all know „faith“ wont pay the bills. In my own city I witnessed the construction of a 13.5 million dollar church building no more than 10 miles from the homeless shelter and soup kitchen that is practically bankrupt.

Yes, televangelists do make millions because of the blind stupidity of others, but oddly enough they are still at the forefront of christianity. They can sleep at night knowing that „faith“ or „blind stupidity“ will hold it all together for them, and since the way they operate is opposite of a christian, then they cant possibly be christian themselves. So they probably sleep pretty well.

If every religion claims to be the way to salvation then christians only have about a 17% chance of being right above religions that have existed for hundreds or thousands of years longer than christianity.

Your math is similar to that of the Bush administrations math, „fuzzy“.

I am not even going to pick it apart because well if 250 million Americans had saved that 5% in the form of savings accounts instead of giving it to the tax free castles around the US we would’nt be in knee deep in donkey poo.

admin answers:

Why have churches become corrupt now that you have calculated how much money is contributed to them?

This sounds more like a Rant than a Question.

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