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Sharon asks…

Why do Christians have two sets of rules?

I know of quite a few friends and other people who go to church regularly and fill their houses full of crosses and Jesus statues and candles and holy water etc etc etc., but then I might run into them at the pub or playing the poker machines or even womanizing. I am personally an atheist, so I don’t have any worries about all that stuff, but it just amazes me when I see so called Christians out there doing stuff that Christians aren’t supposed to do.

admin answers:

I don’t really consider ‚drinking or playing the poker machines or even womanising‘ to be mortally despicable.

Murdering, slaughtering, discrimination in religion for no good reason like a blind idiot, rape, adultery, etc etc. Those – I consider harmful.

Do you feel it’s against the Bible and church?

Well – if you ask a priest, he’d probably agree with you and throw holy water all over them to banish the ‚devil in them‘

I think it’s literally impossible for me to live my life as the Bible and Church wants me to live.
Not because I’m weak or evil. It’s because society and it’s rules and levels of acceptability has evolved and changed. The Bible and the Church are seeped in traditions, but everything else is evolving.

I can’t live my life stuck in a rut. It makes no sense to me.

Do I see any harm in drinking? No, unless it’s excessive. Am I good person? I’d like to believe I am – and I try my best to be. Are they crucifixes in my house? Too many to count, I sleep with a rosary under my pillow every night. Do I practise discrimination? No, it saddens and angers me.

Am I a hypocrite?
„I’d rather practise hypocrisy than not do good“ ~ Heh. You’d be surprised at the amount of sensibility hidden in a manga. It’s from FMA.

As long as your friends are good, that is all that matters.

Two, five, twenty set of rules – as long as they are good and not two-faced – it doesn’t matter. They’re doing things they aren’t supposed to do in their religion? Alright. What about as humans, are they doing things they shouldn’t do as any good human being?

Then why do they call themselves as Christians? It is their belief, it’s the closest they’ve got to what they want and believe in and if it is the thing that keeps them sane – so be it.

They go to Church because their belief in God tells them to. Their belief in a God capable of forgiveness and love makes them fill their house with holy water and crucifixes. Their desire to have a religion or faith which is as close as to what they believe in – the closest one they can follow can understand – makes them the Christians they are.
Them going to pubs or playing poker or flirting, makes them human. Them being good people, makes them human.

If they’re despicable people, then please don’t judge Christianity based on them. Heck even if they’re great people – please don’t judge Christianity based on them.

Nowadays, it is easier to take religion and mould it your liking. As long as it’s not – morally disgusting or utterly revolting – if that’s as far religious as they can honestly be while living their own lives – it’ll do.


I tried to write this as – objectively and as detached as possible.

Personally – I think everyone should have their private own religion. No one should broadcast their faith, unless asked to. Everyone interprets their own religion in their own light. Even among people in the same religion, the way they interpret and understand certain things may be completely different…

Nancy asks…

what does it mean to „straddle“ in texas hold em poker?

poker betting, rules, options

admin answers:

It’s a blind preflop bet you make before the cards are dealt, equal to double the big blind, that allows you the option of checking/raising if the action gets limped/folded around to you.

So it’s as like you’ve opted to post a 3rd blind, making you the new Big Blind this hand at the cost of twice the normal BB.

George asks…

wondering if any one ever played the pureplay poker site…how does it work?

i won two games and it stated i won 80chips for each game… wondering if i keep winning can i can transfer the chips to real money because the rules they give are so weird to me and im not understanding… are there any other poker sites where i dont need to make a deposit but u win real money

admin answers:

This site is the best I have found of these types of sites, and they do payout. ( ) It’s US legal and requires no personal information. Check it out!

Lizzie asks…

What version of poker is being play in „Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels“?

Is it a made up game or does anyone know the rules for it?

admin answers:

It’s known as Three card brag. They explain it half-way decent in the movie:

Three card brag is a simple form of poker; you are dealt only three
cards and these you can’t change. If you don’t look at your cards
you’re a `blind man‘ and you only put in half the stake. Three of any
kind is the highest you can get: the odds are four hundred and twenty-
five to one. Then it’s a running flush – you know, all the same suit
running in order; then a straight, then a flush, then a pair, and
finally whatever the highest card you are holding

Charles asks…

Looking to start a poker night in a pub, what do i need to get sorted legally?

ok guys i been instructed at work to start up a poker night, i know how to play it and what i would need ie table chips and also cards, but what would i need for the night to be legal, what are the laws in the uk around what i need to have in place. ANd what rules are there about how much people can win

admin answers:

This pdf should help. Poker is section 6.


Good luck! 🙂

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