Your Questions About Poker Face

Ruth asks…

What is that kid cudi and lady gaga song and I’m not talking about „make her say/ poker face“?

admin answers:

I think ur talking about the song called „alive“

Mandy asks…

Which Lady Gaga song do you like more: Poker Face, Lovegame, or Just Dance?

I LOVE Poker face.

admin answers:

They’re all good, but I like Love Game bestt (:

Paul asks…

What does this mean: „I want to Poker Face…“ ?

When will you Poker Face again?


admin answers:

When i get more money to poke her face

Richard asks…

Where is a place to buy Poker Face by Lady Gaga outfits?

I really wanted to dress up as Lady Gaga for Halloween because I thought it would be funny! PLEASE HELP!!!

admin answers:

Hon, you’re not gonna find any of that stuff at a halloween store..

Sandy asks…

Which institution or school will teach its student on how to read a poker face?

admin answers:

I was on the radio yesterday when i heard the song „Poker face.“ its aboutqa girl and a poker face. I suggest listening to it cause i need my pills. Did you know bob the builder got cancelled? I loved his show. It upsets me!

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