Your Questions About Poker Rules

Paul asks…

if you could change 1 rule in poker, what would you change?

to make it better, have u got an idea that could make poker better?

i know poker is great as it is, but im curious to what u could thin kof adding to the great game of poker! hehehe
haha … ‚you, have mail‘. 😉

admin answers:

I think the winner of the hand should have to show their cards always even when everyone else folds. And when a showdown, both players have to show, none of that mucking crap if the first person has a better hand.

Helen asks…

does a dealer in poker have to cut onto the passtlion?

i was in a game in a casino. the dealer a casino dealer was not cutting the cards onto the postilion or at all is this required but casino rules…. shuffling only

admin answers:

Shuffling, no.
Trust me, the way they are watched they wouldnt break any rules.

James asks…

hello, if a person takes a room hostage, whats the rules on getting rid of them without a host at the table?

there r a few women that love to hold poker rooms hostage, they freeze play for all. i think the thinking button should be fased out. todays winner is playing under ‚aqzub544‘ please look into it, thanx

admin answers:

I think I can speak for most when I ask- what in the hell are you blabbering about? I mean seriously wtf?

Joseph asks…

Is it considered rude to leave the table immediately after winning a big hand in poker?

Just wondering if there was some unwritten rule as to how many chances (if any) should be given to allow the other players to win some money back? I hate it when someone wins big and immediately exits lol

admin answers:

The only time you would worry about this is in someone’s HOME game.

If you are in a casino, ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NOT!!!

You can go in and play ONE hand, get up, and leave after doubling up. Sometimes that’s exactly what you SHOULD do! If you win a lot of money in a very short period of time, your best move might be to get up and leave. If you stay, you could find yourself broke in just one hand.

Imagine this: You’ve got pocket Aces and there is an Ace, Jack, Jack, 8, 4 on board. You go „all in“ with ALL your chips that you’ve been winning. Someone else with even more money than you says „call“ then turns over pocket Jacks. Now your broke!

It happens!!!

You should NEVER feel obligated to stay any longer than you feel comfortable.

One more thing – Don’t EVER say, „Oh, I’m playing with OTHER people’s money because I’m winning.“ NO, NO, NO! It is always YOUR money! Do with it what you should!

Lisa asks…

What should my bank roll be if i want to play 5/10 no limit poker?

Is thier a rule of thumb when it comes to bank rolls in Gambling eg.10$craps or blackjack etc?

admin answers:

A good rule of thumb is 100 times the small blind. This gives you the amount needed to comfortably wait for the right hands and take the reasonable gambles you feel are right.

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