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Donald asks…

When I look in yahoo games and click poker why does nothing happen?

admin answers:

Your click isn’t big enough to PokEr

Betty asks…

where can i find poker games,in the saint paul/minneapolis area?.i am a begginer,and want to learn,how to play

i am interested,in learning how to play texas hold’em…….any games for begginers,in the saint paul/minneapolis metro area?.sincerly,dave b,saint paul,mn.

admin answers:

Any poker website will do

Sharon asks…

How do you use Poker chips in Texas hold em?

I would like to run a texas hold em game at my house but I am not really clear on how to use the chips during the game. Is there a guide out there or could someone explain it here?

Is there a book that covers running your own poker games in detail?

admin answers:

Curious… Do you know how to play the game at all? Texas Hold em is a game of betting… What do you use to bet with? Just cash? Chips are just easier to use. Each color is a different denomination, whatever you want it to be.

John asks…

good poker games(10 points)?

ok listen up, does enybody know of a good game like puzzle pirates where you have to make money then you can play poker with it. not like pokerstars where it automatically gives you 1k everytime you loose. If you ever played puzzle pirates you know what im talking about.

admin answers:

If your looking for starting capital, you can take the quiz at

Then sign up and they will deposit $50 for you. You get another $100 if you can get up to 500 FPP in 3 months, which is easier than it sounds..

The nice thing is they’ll teach you how to make money cause they want to earn the $50+ out of the commission they get..

William asks…

What are some websites that can teach me how to play poker?

I want to learn how to play, and not just the basics. I want to learn everything from which hands are better than others, when to fold, and how to call someone’s bluff. If possible, I want to become so good that I can make a steady income after playing actual poker games

admin answers:

You are correct that there is a lot beyond the basics.

Fortunately, there are not only a lot of good poker books, there are a lot of good poker sites. Look through the articles, both current and archived, to get a ton of poker info. For example, with this article from Casinator you can learn lots of useful stuff.

There are plenty of video poker lessons on YouTube — do a search. I hope you can tell the difference between the spoof lessons and the real ones.

Not everyone can become good enough to make a steady income. There are a ton of good players out there and you have to get better than them. Almost everyone thinks he is a good player — but most players out there lose more money than they win. Sometimes a lot more. You have to become better than the excellent players. That can take years.

You have a lot of work to do — thousands of hours worth at least — and, even then, you may not have it in you. Great players have a combination of extensive experience, great ability to read other players, a thorough understanding of the math, discipline, patience, courage, equanimity and quite a few other specific skills. Most are also really smart.

One of the interesting things about digging deeply into learning poker is that, even if you cannot get good enough at poker, you can learn a ton about yourself.

I’m not trying to discourage you. Not really. There is just a lot more to poker than is immediately apparent. And there is no guarantee that you will ever be in that top 10% of players who manage to be profitable.

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