Your Questions About Poker Rules

Nancy asks…

Will my ten year old daughter become a poker champion?

Within two hous of me teaching her the basic rules of Texas Hold ‚em, she had marked the backs of the aces!

admin answers:

Ha ha ha, what a legend….. My guess is that she’d probably be mare suited as either a computer hacker, or thief.

Carol asks…

what is the poker rule,?

if the player with the better hand does not realise untill after they have give in their hand what is the rule

admin answers:

Not sure on the exact situation but i’m assuming that the hansd has gone to showdown and one player shows his hand and the other player has thrown his hand into the muck thinking he has lost?

If this is the case as soon as any cards hit the muck (cards already discarded) they are dead, so in this case he will lose the hand even if he held the best hand.

Simliary if he does not show his hand at showdown and the pot is awarded to the other player….the decision cannot be reversed.

Ruth asks…

i want to know poker rule can you tell me that?

admin answers:

One tournament rule i just learned called the „Min the Master“ rule….you can’t check the nuts when you’re last to act on the river. They’re starting to penalize you. They said Min (sp) plays with a team and he slow plays the nuts when going against one of his ‚team‘. In a tournament, you’re supposed to be busting out people and not helping out your friends.

Has anyone else heard of this?

William asks…

How does online poker work?

I’m talking about the programming, math, randomness of computer dealing. Not rules, etc.

admin answers:

Every site is different of course, but the basic programming works one of three ways:

1) On not-so-good sites, they have predetermined hands stored in an array and pick one at „random“. I.e. They’d have the hole cards, flop, turn and river all set and play it out when that hand is run.

2) Better sites will either determine each card played in random as they come up (i.e. Player to dealer’s left gets any card out of 52, next player gets any card out of the 51 left when first card went out etc). In these cases, the program basically has an array of a „clean deck“ and will mark cards as „played“ when they are dealt (or burned) and chose at random from the unplayed cards each time a card is needed.


3) Some will predetermine the order of the deck first (i.e. Virtual shuffle) and store the cards in that order in an array and then simply play them as they go. Keeping in mind that they only need 25 cards in total (if it’s a 10 player Texas hold ‚em table). This is a little faster since once the „shuffle“ happens there’s no more randomization. If you’re a traditionalist, you’ll have the program determine 28 cards so the „burn“ cards are actually considered even though they are never seen or used.

Charles asks…

How to play poker card game?

please teach me

i only know how to play blackjack

and i am pretty good in it

but don’t know how to play poker

please tell me what are rules
how to play


2nd question > Do you like blackjack ?
texas hold’m

admin answers:

Play a little game i like to call up the river,

First shuffle
Then deal everyone 5 cards
Then put four community cards out in the middle of the table face down.
Now the fun begins, flip one over, now the betting begins, its like an auction, you bid on the community card.
Bidding goes around the table once someone says they dont want it they are out for at least that community card.
Once the card is bought, the person who buys it must put one of their 5 cards in its {comunity card} place.
And the auction begins once again on his card he threw.
This keeps on going to all at the table dont want the comunity card that face up, then move on to the second comunity card.
This could go on all night or fairly quikly.
Once you have done this and the 4 community card spots have run their course, then one final bet is made on your hand.

This is one of my favorite games, pots usually get to bout 20-40 dollars when we play with quarters!!!

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