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Donald asks…

regarding entry into World Series of Poker main event. How do some people get into it via $100 satellite games?

I would like to play in the WSOP main event but don’t have the 10K dollar entry fee but heard of players getting in to it via small satellite games. How do they get in that way and who to contact?

admin answers:

Party Poker has satellite tournaments into the WSOP main event. You can directly buy in to the final tournament or you can go through steps to get in the final tournament by playing in smaller tournaments. You can use bonus code: BONUS100G at Party Poker to get 100% of your initial deposit free. Then you can use the money to enter the smaller tournaments.

Sharon asks…

Do any of the 888 poker games get broadcast on TV?

admin answers:

No, but the Spin Palace Poker room has tournaments on their site that are televised on TV. Here is a review of their poker room: Click through to the poker room and all of the info is on their home page.

Richard asks…

What can I be charged with if an illegal poker game is being played in my house without my permission?

My room mate wants to start an illegal poker game, and being the apartment is in his name, is going to do it despite my protest. I was curious what kind of trouble I’m looking at if he gets in trouble.

admin answers:

If the apartment is in his name and you’re not participating, I don’t see how you could get in trouble.

It’s highly unlikely to get busted for a friendly game anyway, especially in a private home…I play with my friends from high school all the time in a lounge room of a dorm, we’ve had officers (both campus patrol and police) walk through without questioning it.

David asks…

Is it possible to cheat in a real poker game through slieght of hand shoveling?

I play in a weekly poker game with some guys and there is this one guy who always seems to have GREAT hands when he’s the dealer. I would say 90% of the time I go heads up with him when he’s dealer, I lose to a pretty good hand. Aside from this, he also is very loose on asking others to cut the deck when he deals. Which everyone else does.

So the question is, is it possible to stack the deck in your favor if you’re the dealer? I can see insuring yourself one good hold card but to make it so that you had two good hold cards and a good lay down on the table just seems impossible to me. Just wondering if I’m either paranoid or should stop going heads to heads with this guy.

This is for Texas Hold’em Poker. Thanks.
Damn it! I was actually hoping the answer would be negative but inside I knew better.

Is there anything I should look for then when he’s dealing? Is it possible to cheat even if I cut the deck? I try to do that but I don’t always get to it before he deals or I’m in the middle of a conversation with another friend. Thanks in advance everyone.

admin answers:

It is very possible that someone is stacking the deck. But it takes a hell of a lot of skill to do. The dealer would need to locate the good cards and hide them somewhere where the shuffle won’t get them. He then needs to place them somewhere where he can deal them to himself. One such method is to place them at the bottom of the deck and when he deals to himself he pulls the card off the bottom of the deck and deals it to himself.

One way to protect against this is to ensure you are using a cut card. This makes it harder to access the bottom of the deck. Also you should insist that EVERYONE allows another player to cut the deck after it has been shuffled.

The odds are your friend is not stacking the deck. It requires months of intensive practice to become that good at it. The average amateur poker player does not have that kind of skill.

Mary asks…

you have a copyof hoyle board and card games that include poker, cribbage etc and snakes and ladders domino?

Hoyle card games with poker, cribbage, go fish etc and Hoyle board games with Rummy squares, yatze, dominos, snakes and ladders etc?

admin answers:

No, I don’t.

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