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Donna asks…

Where can I find the Paulson poker chip website?

I understand that Paulson makes some of the finest poker chips in the business. I have tried to find their website but without success. I’ve tried Googling it, but all I get are websites that sell poker chips. Does anybody know the official Paulson website?

admin answers:

I’m not sure that Paulson has an official website. If you want to see what variety of chips they offer, just check out one of the stores. I have the James Bond set (new one not the original) and am very happy with it

Lizzie asks…

what is a decent amount to deposit in a online poker site?

I understand a lot of people say do free rolls or only deposit what you can afford. Free rolls i just don’t have the patients for and i have decent amount of money to spare. My question is how much is a decent amount to make for a first time deposit into a poker site?

admin answers:

If you haven’t played poker online before, it’s best to start with about $50. It’s not too much and you can get a feel of playing real money poker online. Most poker sites have bonus codes that you can use to receive more money than you deposit.

For Party Poker, one of the biggest online poker sites, you can use bonus: BONUS100G

This code gives you 100% of your initial deposit free($25 minimum initial deposit).

Good luck!

David asks…

How old to you have to be to play online Poker in California?

I am turning 18 soon, and I really want to play online poker. But, a lot of people say you only have to be at least 18 years old. Can someone please give me in accurate answer so that I won’t get into any mess. Thank you all

admin answers:

You need only be age 18+ to gamble online from the state of California.

You can find a list of casinos that accept USA players age 18+, as well as poker rooms.

You will want to make sure you wait until you are 18 before you deposit. If you happen to win, and you are not yet 18 years old, you will have a very hard time cashing out.

Steven asks…

Why does an iron poker heat up in the opposite order as a thermometer does in the light spectrum?

An iron poker heated up will turn red, then as it gets hotter, yellowish-orange and then to a bluish white. William Herschel placed a thermometer in front of a spectrum of light and found that as he moved it across the band of different colors from violet to red, the temperature rose. The temperature and light are opposite from an iron poker to the thermometer.

admin answers:

One is emission, one is absorption. A black body emits radiation with a certain spectrum that depends on temperature. Hotter ones emit peak energy at a higher frequency, which also corresponds to a higher individual photon energy.

A black body will just absorb all the energy it receives. The fact that red made the thermometer hotter means there was more red energy in the incoming light. It has to do with the temperature of what made the light, not what received it.

Charles asks…

What is the advantage of real money poker?

I love playing poker, but I am hooked to online poker only. I have heard from my friends that playing with real money instead of the virtual ones is more exciting. I am not completely convinced yet, so I want to know about the advantage of playing real money poker.

admin answers:

Most poker sites let their members play with real money but that doesn’t mean that all of them, or even most of them, do a particularly good job. To save you the time and effort of going through hundreds of real money poker sites, we have created this page to showcase the few that are really worthy of your attention. Playing on online poker sites for real money has a lot of benefits as well as a few concerns – on this page, we will address both the good and the bad. Then, when you’ve learned all you need to know about playing poker online with real money on the line, you can head to one of the following sites for an unrivaled experience!

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