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Sharon asks…

What edge can you expect if playing a perfect strategy low stakes poker?

Im thinking that if you play low stakes poker (Im not sure if it would work for no limit or just limit?), and you play a perfect strategy then you wont have to think as the players at lower limits are not good players gernally, and you could even get a bot to play for you.

Anyone one know what kind of edge you can expect on average doing this?

admin answers:

There are too many variables to answer this. Poker is not like Blackjack for example. In Blackjack there is always a mathematically correct play to make based on the dealer’s exposed card, your cards, and if you are tracking it, the ‚count.‘

With poker there are unknown variables that you cannot know. Is your opponent bluffing, would be one major example.

So your edge is going to vary by the game you are playing, and if you always play the same way, smart players will pick up on that.

As far as a bot goes, I’ve yet to be convinced of any real life success with them. If someone wrote a killer poker bot, why would he or she not simply use it himself to make money? Why reduce his edge by giving it away or selling it?

You also have to consider that even with a great bot, if you are caught using it, you will have your account suspended. So now you just lost your winnings.

In any case, I’m not going to entrust my hard earned bankroll to a computer program.

Mark asks…

What’s the the name of the poker movie where it ends with the main character letting his dad win a tournament?

I remember watching this movie on tv, but I just don’t remember the title. The main character used to play poker with his dad with pennies, nickles, quarters, and dimes and has a girlfriend whom he took to a poker place and showed her how he played.

admin answers:

The movie you are talking about is called Lucky You with Eric Bana as the son and Robert Duvall as the father. They play at the world series at the end of the movie. The son lets his dad win. Drew Berrymore played the girlfriend.

Donald asks…

What is a good beer to have for a poker night?

Looking for some suggestions for some good beers to try out for our poker night this weekend. Could be your favorite poker beer or just favorite beer in general.

admin answers:

Buckfast and Carlsberg Special Brew

Robert asks…

For any seasoned poker players with good knowledge, what tips would you give to an 18 year old player?

Hi, Ive been playing practice hold em no limit poker for 3 months now on and Ive took to it pretty quick but I want to master all the percentage odds like you see on TV before I play for money.

Obviously there’s much more to learn like body language, strategy etc that’s why I should probably invest in a poker book so if you could reccommend any that would be great or just any tips in general.

Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

If you want a good body language book about poker read Read ‚em and Reap. It’s co-authored by Phil Hellmuth and a retired FBI agent. I kind of like it because you can also take the concepts discussed in this book and also apply them to every day situations away from the poker tables.

Other than that, my only other advice is to play lots of hands, pay attention to every player’s tendencies at your table, and learn from your mistakes.

William asks…

What is the best free online poker site?

I’ve tried pokerstars, fulltilt, pacific poker, doyles room and haven’t really liked any of those.

admin answers:

Try one of these FREE sites. You can play for free and even win some nice prizes, or even some cash.


Good luck!

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