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Joseph asks…

are there any places near hershey pa that that have live poker games if so, where?

admin answers:

Theres a group you can join on yahoogroups. It will link you to people with similar interests. I joined and meet regularly at diffrent peoples homes for low stakes holdem tourneys and. .25-.50 antes for reg poker too. Theres a game nearly every night.
Most games are located within 15-20miles of h-burg
they will email you diff. Options. Its well organized.its fun and safe.

Sharon asks…

Which poker games (variations) can I play online?

admin answers:

Different online poker websites offer various poker games. Here are some of them:

-Flop Poker Games (Texas Holdem, Omaha)
-Stud Poker Games (Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Hi Lo, Razz)
-Draw Poker Games (Five Card Draw, 2-7 Single/Triple Draw Lowball, Badugi)
-Mixed Poker Games (HORSE, Eight Game Mix, Triple Stud)

Found them on

Robert asks…

Dallas Texas – How do i find out where homepokergame (underground poker) is in my area?

i would like to find out where underground poker games in my area. Does anyone know where there is one? i’ve been to one couple of years ago. now i forgot which building it was at. could someone please reply if you know any? the one that i went to were some where in the Arlington area. thank you all in advance for your time.

admin answers:

You might find this site usefull:

Take care

Steven asks…

Would you like to see other poker games on TV besides no limit hold em?

admin answers:

There are more on TV besides no limit hold ‚em.
I have watched 7 card before, omaha hi/lo, and even pot limit hold ‚em. Its not very often that they play them, but they do.

Mark asks…

Does anyone know of any poker games in the lower bucks county, PA area? Tournaments or friendly games?

admin answers:

Check out this free e-book about online poker, I’m sure it can be of interest to you.

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