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Betty asks…

What style of poker do they play at the World Series of Poker?

I’m new to poker, and I’ve been trying to learn how to play. I’ve been watching the WSOP all day, but I’m not sure if they’re playing Texas Hold’em or not. What style are they playing?

admin answers:

The main event is No Limit Texas Hold Em. In fact, most of the events are no limit texas hold em events. However, they also have pot limit and limit texas hold em, omaha, omaha hi/lo, stud, stud hi/lo and 2-7 triple draw and horse.

David asks…

When should I become a professional poker player?

How much do you think is a good income for me to be making as a pro poker player? I pull in about a grand a month but that is part time with school and stuff… what would u say is a good amount i am also 18 years old.

admin answers:

Go through school first. If you are good enough to go pro, Poker will still be there after school and school will provide you plenty of time to play poker as well. Clonie Gowen who is a fairly borderline pro makes a good point here by saying not to go pro until you can pay 6 months worth of bills in advance.

IMO on top of that you should probably be able to afford your own health insurance on top of that. Even if you are under your parents insurance now, make sure you COULD afford your own if you had to, because if you did quit school there is a high likelyhood your parents plan might drop you from that plan as many require those over the age of 18 on a plan to be full time students.

So really it depends on how much you make and where you live. In Norway you could afford to make less, in the American South you could get away with maybe 30K a year, in the American North East you’d need a lot more.

Sandy asks…

How do i get my hair poker straight?

My natural hair is slightly wavy but not really, but its not straight ever, I have layers so my hair flicks out at the end of the layers. I have the wider-style GHD’s and i need a quick tactic to getting my hair poker straight.

admin answers:

Wash it, then brush it while it is wet, put fizz-easee on (even if you don’t have frizzy hair) then straighten them with TRESemme Salon Professional 2066U Ceramic Styler 230 Hair Straightener. They are the best. They are on amazon for 20.00 pounds…. Happy hair:)

Mary asks…

How can I find a good poker web site that pay’s out real cash?

How can I find a poker web site that has free roll’s,tournaments and real money pay outs?

admin answers:

Easy. Type into google-„Online Poker-Real cash payout“ and viola you will have a whole list of sites. Just pick from there

Donald asks…

Where do I find people who like to play poker?

My son’s baseball team is having a texas hold ‚em poker tournament on June 29th, 2007 in Rockwall, Texas at the Rockwall Rotary club to raise money for the team to participate in a 12U super series baseball tournament. I don’t play poker or know many people who do. Where would I find people to participate or advertise this event?

admin answers:

If its a public tournament as long as everything is ok and your allowed to have it i dont see why you cant advertise like anything else, a small ad in the paper, yard sale type flyers, and word of mouth. Everyone know someone that like poker.

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