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David asks…

Is it illegal to hold a poker game at my house?

Me and some friends want to hold a poker game at my house and invite people to watch, we will be gambling real money, is that illegal?

Our ages range from 15-17 and we are in UK

Thanks in advance 🙂

admin answers:

As long as you’re playing for fake monies or have play chips on the table and the loot stashed away. Peelers play for money all the time.

Maria asks…

I saw a Double Joker video poker machine on my last casino trip. Do any internet casinos have it?

I want to play some Double Joker video poker games online.

admin answers:

Double Joker poker is good stuff and yes, there are online casinos which have this game. Read more about Double Joker Poker video poker games which are available online and find online casinos with Double Joker Poker at this web site:

Good luck and have fun!

Ken asks…

How can Brad Ruderman justify suing Tobey Maguire when he voluntarily participated in illegal poker games?

Does this sound like sour grapes to u?! Prsoner Brad Ruderman wanna-be schmoozing-wit-da-celebs bit off more than he could chew trying to rub elbows & loses money in a high-stakes poker game…so now wants mommy to make the mean man give his money back…do you think this case has any merit? or ridiculous?!

admin answers:

I think this case against my dear sweet Tobey Maguire is downright ridiculous. Tobey Maguire is my personal Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Tiger; inside and outside; now and forever. I, as well as my entire family, love Tobey Maguire very much, and we also love Tobey Maguire’s children, Ruby and Otis, very much. Tobey Maguire is completely and totally innocent. He didn’t do anything wrong.

Mary asks…

Would you wear a pair of denim overalls and let your boyfriend hang you from the ceiling for his poker game?

So, my boyfriend wants me to wear a tight pair of denim shortalls and hang me from the ceiling in the corner of the livingroom while he and his friends have a poker game. He is offering to give me $50 for doing this. I just want him happy so I am going to do it. Would you do it? He has weird fetishes

admin answers:

I think the overalls could be painful after a while. Get a harness and have him hang you with it instead. It sounds fun and it definitely makes for a good story later. I’d be curious to see what the guys playing the game would do, if it were me hanging.

Paul asks…

Who can beat Mr. Bond in poker games?

he always had the lucky winning streak in poker.

admin answers:

I can!

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