Your Questions About Poker Games

Ruth asks…

how do you join in conversations in yahoo poker games?

admin answers:

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Nancy asks…

What is an intense way to describe a poker game.. like a hook for an essay?

Im writing about poker and i need an i was thinking of describing a poker game (me talking, describing the game around me)

and descriptive details you can help me out with the keep the reader reading?

admin answers:

9max, play aa kk qq jj tt 99 AK AQ AJ .LOL good lucky!!

Carol asks…

Does yahoo poker or games at all work with vista here?

admin answers:

I do not have Vista, but yes people who do have it, play on yahoo.There are settings and programs needed,some of which you will need to down load. I will list what i have found thats works on most systems. Yahoo games run on java,

update java…

Yahoo games open with a pop up. Most toolbars like yahoo and internet explorer have pop up blockers! When you try getting in lounge or room and it doesn’t work. Click on pop up blocker on yahoo tool bar. On the drop down list click on Always allow tab it will say recent pop ups blocked. High light then click allow.
. IE browser settings to allow pop ups Right click on Tools, internet options, privacy tab, cookie over ride. Type in, allow then ok. This is the proper way to use the pop up blocker. I have never had a problem or had to hold any keys down to get in.
If you are using norton antivirus you may need to turn it off until you are in room.
Http://… The_Default_Security_Policy foxfire setting to allow yahoo games.

Yahoo games use virtual memory to play. Running low or out of virtual memory causes game to freeze. Increasing your virtual memory helps with the freezing/getting booted problem. You can increase your memory by going to start button, settings, control panel, system, advance tab, performance, advance tab, virtual memory, change it, make it 1500 kb or higher, In both boxes, click apply then ok .If it’s not listed as Kb,” Some are not.” Just double the number listed. (Needed for games like Chess or any long games)

Some games may require Adobe flash player 9 to work downloads are easy to find..
Sun Java causes problems at times with yahoo games so i changed my settings and so far everything works great. Some thing to keep in mind but not needed just to get into games.
Here is how I set my PC for games and get into any game..If you change over your setting to these it solves 95% of all game problems caused by java conflicts with yahoo games!
Small fonts is a Sun Java glitch.
You need java for games,but not to open them,if you have microsoft Virtual Machine. Go to start button,settings,, control panel open internet options advance tab,scroll down to see if microsoft vm is there if so unclick the sun java listed. Make sure msn VM and JIT are checked, click apply then ok. Close.this lets msn vm launch games. This will SPEED UP game loading time.if you don’t have msn VM, Some XPs do not! Just go here and download it.
Http://… Virtualserver/default.mspx
I run XP and it should work for vista. This will SPEED UP game loading time also.

Laura asks…

What do you say when you win a poker game?

I know absolutely nothing about poker, but what’s the word you say when you win? Which ends the game.

Also, what others terms are there in poker?

admin answers:

You can say whatever you want! You don’t have to say a specific word.

Here are most poker terms:

Sandy asks…

Is there anything specific you can say at the start of a poker game?

this is for a drama performance so it doesn’t have to be too specific… if you have any ideas pls comment… but we want to have a game of poker and none of us are really poker players =]
so we were wondering if there’s anything people say to start a poker game?

admin answers:

Place your bets? Ante up? Good luck?

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