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Sandra asks…

How can you tell if someone is bluffing in poker?

When playing against an experienced player with a good poker face what is the best way to tell if he or she is bluffing?

admin answers:

Most good experienced players do not bluff often. When they do they often pick their spot, like against a short stack, or when they are short stacked. So by looking for certain situations you can get an idea. Caro’s theory of strong means weak and weak means strong, also holds some truth, but the better the player the less you can rely on this.

The best way that I tell if someone is bluffing is I look at all their plays for the whole hand and see if they make sense. If a large bet makes sense based on the pattern of cards, I take heed. If not, I smell a bluff. The biggest factor is the quality of the player. You are not going to catch good players bluffing often because good players don’t bluff that much. So unfortunately their is no magic answer, but just experience, and sometimes bad experiences to help you sort it out. Good luck.

Donald asks…

What is your favorite Poker book and why?

I have read several and am looking to evolve into a poker pro. Can you help me?

admin answers:

I think sklanksy has the best beginner books but I don’t think its enough anymore to be a consistent winning player.

Doyle Brunson, Super-Systems and Super-Systems 2. It really sets out the philosophy and thinking behind aggressive play without being a maniac idiot. You should read it once, play alot then read it again. I think he’s book is must read for any cash player and also his got some of the best explanation of small ball strategy around.

Ah also one more…. Matt Lessinger is great primer for bluffers.

Lizzie asks…

What is it with grown men throwing a temper over poker?

Why is it that when a grown man loses to a game of poker I almost always see them stomping off as if hes in 1st grade?

admin answers:

Some of these men are very competitive and very emotional. The emotional guys need to work on that if they want to be good poker players. One must be a gentleman at all times. I guess that’s what separates the pros from the amateurs.

Mark asks…

How do I get rakeback for online poker rooms?

I want to play at Carbon Poker and Cake Poker. I would like to have the rake back. Which affiliate site is a legit one?

I don’t want to waste my time with a fake one and then sign up and miss out on the rake back program, and can’t re-register…


admin answers:

There are some websites like Fulltiltpoker, Pokerstars that are good for poker gaming among which the rakeback offers are:-

Fulltilt = It provides about 27% of rakeback.

Pokerstars = PokerStars DOES NOT ALLOW rakeback, but by playing at Pokerstars and moving up in levels, you can start earning special cash bonuses which are equivalent to or better than other poker rooms which offer rakeback, by playing at Pokertars you can earn anywhere from 10% up to 150% rakeback.

Susan asks…

Where can i buy poker chips for a home game?

I saw some good sets on amazon, but i would rather just drive into town and get them. What sort of stores carry decent poker chip sets?

admin answers:

Buy online. Personally I would recommend just getting some dice chips (because they are cheap but they feel good for the price). I bought a 500 pc set of dice chip for $40 online, in places like target the same set usually costs like ~$100.

If you want nicer chips honestly there is not anything that I think is worth buying until you get into the $1/chip range, in which case your chips might be worth more money that you are using them to represent…

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