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Mary asks…

Who really enjoys a high-stakes Poker Game, and what was the pot you were playing for?

I love poker and made some real good oney doing it in the Marines, I also love to shoot pool and have made some good money doing this as well, but all in all, I love a good game of high-stakes poker, this gets my blood flowing quickly.

What’s the largest amount of money in the pot that you were playing for and did you win?

admin answers:

I remember when i was 16, i had been playing for a year and i decided to try it out playign against some ofmy dads friends and him also in a pub after hours. It was a £30 buy in, with all players allowed 2 re-buys. 8 players. No limit hold-em. All i remember was the non stop abuse as i took pot after pot off of these „experienced players“ who continuously commented on my age.

I remember knockingout the same guy 3 times lol, then him getting the ump and saying it was stupid that i was playing lol.
Anyways, after i knocked my dad out i went on to play this other guy, and got involved with a hand which had raise after raise. For some reason i cannot re-call, i called an all-in with Ace high and took down a £360 ($720) pot at the age of 16 lol.

I love reliving that moment lol, although its not the biggest pot i won, it was very memorable. I will never forget that lol. Almost as good as the time i played Anthony Hardy and knocked him out 🙂

Maria asks…

Where does an a to 5 straight in poker rank?

My friend and I were playing texas hold em and he’s saying that an a to 5 straight is the 2nd highest straight, I’m telling him that hes wrong and it’s the lowest.

Are there other poker games or something where a to 5 is the 2nd highest straight? If so, what are they?

admin answers:

If you play pai-gow poker in a casino, for whatever reason, A-2-3-4-5 is the second highest straight.

Not sure why, but it is, it’s usually specifically posted on the rules so you don’t question why your 5-6-7-8-9 straight just lost.

Ruth asks…

I want to find someone who can make card viewer for Korean badugi(one of poker games).?

Hi there.
I’m looking forward to find the person who can make card viewer as I mentioned.
I’ll use in Korea.
I need the program made in other countries.
If it is successful, I’ll pay you.
The price will be settled after negotiation and also negotiable.
Please, contact me by E-mail.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

admin answers:

You can find many freelance programmers at websites like

Thomas asks…

What are some good online websites where you can play games such as poker or checkers and chat with people?

admin answers:

Http:// . You can play poker such as holdem, omaha, seven card stud, horse, razz..etc. And you can also make friends there. There are a bunch of great people on allinspot, which is my favorite part there. Surely you can also chat with people.

Linda asks…

What on Earth would be the benefits of hosting a no-rake poker game?

I have a friend who goes to a home/private poker game with $100 buy-ins. They play hold ‚em, tournament style, and the host provides free booze and snacks. What’s in it for him? I can’t for the life of me figure out why he’d want to continue doing it. He doesn’t charge a fee or rake the pot or anything. Thanks for your answers!

admin answers:

In a lot of places like here in Texas a no-rake poker game is the only legal kind, so by not charging a rake he doesn’t have to deal with the stress of having the police bust the game or getting arrested.

He might run the game because he loves poker and has nowhere to play or he might be such a good player that he usually wins more in the game then he spends on booze and snacks.

I know once in a while I have people over for poker and I provide drinks and snacks because it’s fun and a lot cheaper than going to a club or a fancy restaurant. Plus on a lot of those nights I win enough money to pay for all the food and then some!

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