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Richard asks…

Is anyone on here making a living or a second income from online poker?

Is anyone on here making a living or a second income from online poker? I’ve played poker for a long time and feel I do well at it. I would like to know any tips on winning like progames, books, stakes I should play.. Just and advice for making a living or second income.

admin answers:

– I read a couple of books but I think what was best for me was playing thousands of hands both online and off which gave me a ton of experience.

– I find the stakes don’t really matter as long as you are making a consistent profit. There is no sense playing in a $5/$10 cash game where you aren’t making a consistent profit when you are in a $2/$5 cash game.

– In my opinion I think it’s best to focus in on the type of game that you are good at and spend most if not all your time there. When I say type I mean cash games, tournaments, and Sit N Gos.

– The second income option is more realistic for most everyone, you can make a little or perhaps a lot of money on the side but have that guaranteed paycheck waiting for you at work. The saying Poker is a hard way to make an easy living is absolutely right. Someone wouldn’t want to start using rent or grocery money to play poker with and being under the pressure of just having poker as your main source of income is just not good and can affect play.

Sharon asks…

Where can I play poker for free with other people?

I am looking for an online poker site where I play with other players and don’t use any real money.

admin answers:

Try Fulltilt poker and pokerstars websites both with .NET domains. Both of these websites provide poker gaming with free playing, no real money required.

And if you want to play with real money then just switch to the .COM of these websites means, and

Maria asks…

How old do you have to be to play live poker at a casino in the US?

I know it is 21 to play slots, but what about poker?

Also, how old do you have to be to play in Canada?

admin answers:

Depending on the casino it may be 18, 19 or 21. There is a chart giving the minimum ages by state at

but even if the minimum age for a state is 18 some casinos where booze is served will set a minimum age of 21.

For Canadian Indian casinos the minimum age is either 18 or 19 according to the chart at

Almost every casino has a toll-free information number you can call, so it is best to check before you go.

Michael asks…

How can I playfacebook poker? My university internet network wont load it because it has a chat box.?

Because the application has a chat box it wont load on my university network in my halls. Is there any way I can still access and play facebook poker in my halls?

admin answers:

You can connect to a VPN (if you know someone capable of creating one outside of the univerity) and it will route all of your internet traffic through the VPN (i.e. You friends computer).

You can also bypass the proxy server of the univerity. There are several ways to do this. Google ‚bypass proxy‘ and here is an example:

Carol asks…

How much does a poker dearler makes in Seattle?

I’m thinking about maybe becoming a poker dealer and I was wondering how much they make an average per month or per year? And where do you get your license?

admin answers:

Poker dealers in Seattle on average make $40,000 to $50,000 a year working full time. I know this because I lived in Las Vegas for 6 months and I learned this answer and many more from :

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