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Michael asks…

what towns name was determined by a poker games winner?

admin answers:

Show Low, AZ. It’s a neat little town. The company I used to work for sent me there to deliver some training a couple of years ago.
Info about how it got named on the Wiki page.

Donald asks…

where can i find poker games going on in yorkshire?

admin answers:

Any half decent casino will have poker probably two or three nights a week in the bigger towns and cities. Leeds is good with all the casinos having poker alternate nights starting from 730pm usually. Beware that most people go rebuy crazy for the first TWO hours so loadsa allins with junk etc if got top cards go allin but be prepared to get beat against the odds a few times before you get a decent stack. Avoid the booze and take about £50 for a chance of tacking £1200 at around 200am have fun chief!!!

Lisa asks…

Are there any laws about having a game of poker at work?

I’d like to organise a poker game with some people at work, possibly in one of the meeting rooms. And possibly for small amounts of money.

Is this illegal or is there anything that can be done to make it legal, without getting a gambling licence?
Sorry this is a UK based question? Do questions added to UK answers get posted worldwide?

admin answers:

Different states have different laws.

However, you employer can fire you if you do it at work.

David asks…

Are private, home poker games illegal in New Jersey (Jersey City)?

I was under the impression that as long as the individual(s) hosting a „home-game“ of poker do not make any money that the game is considered legal. A woman in my apartment complex was trying to get a weekly game together for the apartment and was getting a lot of people who were interested in the idea. However, she informed me that there are „complicated gambling laws“ in Jersey City that do not allow them to host a poker game and must have a license to do so. Is this true? Does this mean that when me and 5 friends get together and play poker we are breaking the law? (not that it would ever ever stop me). Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

admin answers:

As long as chips are used and not money
also the house can not take a rake
then they are legal

William asks…

How can I buy chips from the Texas Poker game?

So I want to buy chips from the Texas Poker game so can I redeem and iTunes card to buy it?

admin answers:

Sure, go right ahead.

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