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Sandra asks…

How do poker rooms decide who to move?>?

I’ve been playing poker for years now, and it always seems the bigger my stack, the bigger the stacks at the table with me. Even when there are tons of other players in the game still with tiny stacks.

How do poker sites determine which players to move as they close tables?

admin answers:

In a tournament, when tables need rebalancing, the player who is about to be the big blind is usually moved. This is because the big blind can’t really complain about what seat they get shuffled to because the worst case scenario is that they will end up paying the big blind that they were supposed to pay on the other table.

It may depend on the casino/site that you are playing on. Other places may randomly select the player to be moved, but it would be unfair to move all the big stacks to one table.

Linda asks…

What item other than money and chips is used to play poker?

What item other than money and chips is used to play poker?
Exact answer please.

admin answers:

A deck of cards

Carol asks…

What is the start up cost for a Sportsbook business or Poker Room in Las Vegas, NV?

I would like to start either a Sportsbook business or Poker Room in Las Vegas, NV. Do Nevada still issue gaming licenses for Sportsbook business and Poker Rooms? What is the start up cost for a Sportsbook business and what is the start up cost for a Poker Room?

admin answers:

Yes, you can get a gaming license. Figure about $500,000 upfront for Real Estate and construction costs for a very modest operation, $100,000 licensing costs. $100,000 advertising and promotion, $2,000,000 bonding and insurance, $100,000 for first month salaries, $500,000 for unreportable expenses to local unions and inspectors and perhaps $1,000,000 table money for startup. If you are planning on any major jackpots to attract new business, then you’ll need insurance and/or self-insurance to cover them. In all, perhaps $4 to $5million in cash – can’t be financed, for a small operation. If you are planning to find an investor to back you, then you’ll need to show a verifiable track record of success in gaming startups.

Lizzie asks…

What are some good US friendly poker sites with constant freerolls?

Just curious if anyone knew of some great online poker sites which hosts freerolls that are available to US players on a daily bases. I quit playing on Pokerstars after the whole online gambling mess and i enjoyed how well their freerolls were setup and run, so i’m looking for something of that standard.

-Thanks a ton.

admin answers:

From what I heard Carbon Pokers network just pulled out of the USA, so that site is out. For USA players you are limited to a few good poker rooms, and with the lack of competition there is no need for the sites that are left to give out freerolls. You will have to make a deposit if you really want to play. Bovada is IMO the best poker site for you.

Ruth asks…

If gambling is illegal in most states, why are there professional poker players and lotteries?

I live in Maryland, and one of my friends is a professional poker player. There is also a state lottery. But if gambling is illegal, how do the above facts fit without violating that law?

admin answers:

Because gambling isn’t illegal in most states. Simple.

Certain types might be… But to say gambling is illegal is clearly false. Most states have lotteries and casinos.

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