Your Questions About Sit N Go Poker

Mary asks…

Which type of Texas hold Em‘ would your recommend playing?

I would say I’m okay at poker (I win more than I lose) but I’m not so sure which game types I should play. Would you recommend SitnGo 9 person tournaments? Multi-table SitnGo or Large tournaments?

admin answers:

It actually depends on the time investment, give you are a good professional poker player that understands that it is not gambling but a game of skill. There is a lot of money in large tournatments, but there are often long phases with quite boring „extreme tight play“ – for that I actually use poker bots that actually being programmed with a poker language. This way I also play multiple tables at the same time and act on those that require my personal attention. You might want to read the free PDF document that explains how that works. Its a great way to learn more how to play TexasHE more profitable.

Sandy asks…

Should I stay or Should I go?

I am living with my boyfriend now for six months.We moved in to one of his friends house to rent a room. I have been talked about by our roommate ever since we moved. first cause I did laundry almost everyday.Then because I dont clean up his house. then cause my toaster is to crumby.Now because the bills have gone up just because I am hear.I seem to get talked about whenever the bills are bothering the roommate.He yells at my boyfriend saying your f****n girlfriend dont just sit in your room in the dark.I have also caught the roomate in our room.He complains about everything I DO.Well also I went to my boyfriends mothers for thanksgiving dinner we stayed two nights.We were playing poker one night and my boyfriend said that I was being mean or snappy like four times to him.So I asked what I did so I could appoligize or change my behavior. He couldn’t remeber so I took a walk. they went looking for me and couldnt find me. So when I came back everyone was mad at me. confused. not loved anymore. what to do.

admin answers:

Sounds like ur bf is being influened by the rude comments the roomie is making. I think if u 2 are really seriosly about one a other I may wanna rent ur own lik apt. Second. Ur. Bf should NOT allow that guy to talk about u in such manner! Don’t know if u have a job. But that would help u two launch to something better. N 3rd that roomate needs to stay outta your room!

Ken asks…

Does hit and run poker bug you?

I’ve recently gotten into the habit of sitting down at an online 2-4 or 3-6 FL table, waiting for the BB, and then playing ultra-tight until I win one decent hand. Then I leave, and use the profit to buy into a single table s‘n‚g. I’m much better at tournaments than cash games. My profit is usually around $20, and it rarely takes me more than 15 minutes to hit it. As soon as I’ve got it I’m gone. Does this sort of thing bother you when you see it happen? I know people who DESPISE hit and run players, but that’s supposed to be the beauty of playing online. You can come and go as you please. I’m just curious, although I really don’t care, if I’m pi$$ing other players off. Serious opinions are welcome.

admin answers:

Not at all – you are in it to win it. Why would you stay to give people „a chance to win their money back“? All’s fair in love and gambling.

Richard asks…

Is my fiance‘ still in control by her ex? (Sorry about the length but its important)?

I live 9 hours away in college and my fiance‘ is going to move down to get married, then we will both be going go to graduate school on assistantships for two years for our master’s degrees. She has a 5 year old daughter whose father has never gave her much attention beyond a mere acknowledgement every other weekend when she would go to his house. He cheated on my fiance‘ only a couple of years after the birth of her child, even going as far to take the child to the person’s house, leaving her in the corner of the room, so he could try and cheat with this woman. (That girl later confessed to my fiance‘) She stayed with him 2 more years even after he cheated on her. They were never married He cheated on her again with a woman who is now his wife. Since then, for 5 years she has been obsessed with trying to get him to stay involved with her daughter, though he doesn’t make any effort. On top of this, he treats her terrible. He and his family demote her, curse her, and constantly put her down. Her ex never makes an effort to spend time with his daughter and instead spends all of it hovering over my fiance‘, putting her down, touching her inappropriately, cursing her, and bragging about himself and his job as a cop, all while my fiance‘ just sits and listens, bites her tongue, and puts up with it. However, she is in fact the most wonderful and best most caring mother around. She still keeps the father involved and goes out of her way constantly to get her daughter over to his house where he still fails to do anything beyond watch football or play online poker. We have been together two years and over these two years, I have seen, heard, and been told about how he has constantly mistreated her emotionally in the past. Despite this, she still subjects herself to this demeaning lifestyle, just so my future daughter in law may still be able to form a relationship with her biological father. Needless to say her real father still doesn’t know and love her even a fraction of how much I do. I love her daughter and her daughter often says things like, „I wish you were my dad“ and „I can’t wait to have our family“ to me. My fiance‘ is such a wonderful person that she still goes out of her way constantly to try to get the real father to spend more time with her, but to no avail. For example, she recently was able to drag him out to a community BINGO night so he might spend time with his daughter. Her ex chose instead to sit next to her, failing to ever really acknowledge his daughter. He only talked about himself mainly, choosing to put her down every now and again. He then went down the B I N G O card and said Bonnie, you are a Bit**, Ignorant, a Nimrod, etc, etc. And all my fiance did was sit there and take it, forcing a uneasy, pain-filled laugh when repeating the story back to me. This sort of thing happens every week. Of course, my response is anger, but unfortunately, I can’t speak for her. Why? Well because she is trying to move down here with me, and her ex will take us to court, which we will win, but it will cost us $8000, which we don’t really have to spend. We have been apart for two years and in the best interest of our future lives and more importantly her daughter’s. We both have to come to 9 hours away to take advantage of our assistantships at the state’s top University, where we will be getting payed to go to graduate school. We are both pretty smart. : ) So, even though I know that it doesn’t matter what we say to him, it isn’t going to help change his mind. However, I can’t convince my fiance‘ of that. We aren’t really sure if he can afford the court case or not, but are hesitent to take the risk. I recently told her I was going to call him to straighten him out for having treated her like this for 8 years. I have held my tongue for two years, but I can’t take it anymore. I can’t sit idly by and watch her continue to put herself in this position to get treated poorly by this man over, and over and over again. It has never been to the betterment of mine or my future step daughters relationship, yet she still clings to the thought of her ex being involved with her daughter. I try to tell her that kissing his butt for 5 years at the expense of her own self-dignity because all he does is put her down constantly, and it all just a waste of time.. She has even wrote him into our petition for more time than he sees her daughter now, just so he might hopefully sign the petition, and we won’t have to go to court. I have been faced with the conclusion that he will always have control over her, and that I have to call and talk to this jerk and get him to stop, bc my fiance won’t. But, she said if I did that, then she won’t come down to marry and live with me. She gets mad when I get angry because he treats her that way. She gets mad at me when I want to chew him out to defend her, and ALWAYS says no when I tell her that she needs to stand up for herself. I said that I was going to call her ex and tell him to

admin answers:

I do not think she is necessarily still being controlled by her x it just sounds like she is just one of those extremely caring people that wants everyone to get along and fears confrontation. It is nothing wrong with that unfortunately her ex is who he is and takes advantage of the fact that being a caring person is part of her nature. I think being a female she understands the significance and importance of having a good, caring, and loving father. Unfortunately he is not that and I think it breaks her heart that a father could be so cold to his own. Although it is quite obvious that the child has all of this in you. I think her good natured spirit just wants to give him the benefit of the doubt and not except that he is the person that he has revealed himself to be. I would say just keep the lines of communication open and just rein orate that people are who they are. Good luck in grad school! And congrats on the engagement!!!

Donald asks…

Why is human nature so bad?

After living for a while, and I’m only 27, but still, I’ve gathered enough life experience and enough knowledge of human nature, and their pursuits, interests, goals, and activities, to realize that most of it is essentially meaningless, without higher purpose, aimless, or if it does have reason and agenda, its mostly selfish intent, or aspiring to please others, better themselves to be able to overpower others, etc….

it’s not very good, or selfless or humanitarian.

Even the philantropic efforts…might be started by a few good men with a few good ideas, but the others who fall into it all are pretty much just sheep who are doing it because it’s the right thing to do or whatever, not because they REALLY want to.( Kind of like back in grade school where people joined clubs/organizations just because it looked good on their resumes, not because they really cared by any means.)

I mean it’s just the way it is. First we have countless of people, and people have about 1000000 kids, and don’t really think or care about that person’s individual development, they just think life is simple, everyone grows up, enjoys this „blessing“ of an experience, watches the good ol‘ baseball games, eats hotdogs, and gets married, and the cycle continues.

It’s NOT that simple…. and if people are really THAT small minded, then I pity them. But I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how most people are.

Then we have how this whole world basically runs on money/business, devoid of ANY spirituality or any higher purpose, but the material. That leads again to competition, hoarding, selfishness, connivingness, all sorts of sh9t.

MOST people I know are like this by nature to a degree and that’s that.

Then we have people who are lustful and go after those pursuits, and the list goes on.

Then of course we have all the frustration, the failings, the problems, k9llings, dr8gs, religious differences, squabbles, bla bla bla.

If you want to talk about the „Good“ stuff…well , I ask you what good stuff? What is REALLY particularly good?

Religion/God is corrupt and many d9ed in it’s name. Even Walt Disney world was created by a man who wasn’t very good, very overpowering and nasty to his employees, and was accused of being a N@zi.,…none of it is good. It’s all shady , and there’s more than meets the eye.

Singers/actors? Corrupt and fake as sh9t, supported by their greedy family.

Politicians? Power hungry, intellectual know-it-alls, who do it for the prestige, and then get to secretly f8ck either boys or girls of their choice behind closed doors, and cheat on their wives. Much more goes on than the public knows about. And of course secret/shady money deals.

Business leaders and successful pepole, authors, writers? You think they have the time or care to stop and smell the daisies?

Ahahah. Nope, it’s still all about getting ahead and intellectualism for these folks, who try to argue that hey, intellectualism isn’t all bad, ….(but of course it’s because it makes them successful, so they want to say that, to support their individualistic and selfish pursuits)>

So there you have it, long story short, humans SUCK.

But why are we so inherently bad?

We judge at face value, snap/judge, exclude/include people based on what they have, their outsides, compete with people, are vain, materialistic, lstful, all sorts of evils.

We might as well call planet earth Hell,because it sure resembles it.

We are also addicted to sports, poker, competition, because we just want to „win,“ it seems, we have this natural desire to conquer and win, like we can’t just sit still, be happy and enjoy peace, we just HAVE to be barbaric…


Do any of you other people here already realize all of these things about this world?

If so…what are your conclusions? I’m sure some of you just pop a pill and don’t give it much thought, and go on caring about yourselves once more. It’s like…I’m asking other flawed/bad humans a question about flawed/bad humans, so what more can I expect? :sigh: lol.

Life’s mysteries..

admin answers:

You start life as an empty piece of paper, some people gain an optimistic look on life, some a pessimistic… Sooner or later all become cynical.

I don’t believe you born that way, simply because if you look at children at a day care center they have no preconceived ideas of good or bad.. I have 3 children and before the age of 2 they share everything, food toy’s what ever… But when they start to learn the concept of „mine“ and the meaning of „NO“ then concepts of materialism and good and bad start… How they interpret these concepts directs their perception. But in the end we still all become cynical and old.

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