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Jenny asks…

Whats harder to make a living poker or the stock market?

I’ve been playing online poker for 7 yrs now and haven’t seen much success 28k profit out of 2700 game tournaments. It’s a really downer considering the volume I’d to put up and it’s time to move on to something else.

admin answers:

Depends on how much you have to invest. I have been in stocks every day for 2 years now and have it figured out pretty well. I use about $70K as a day-trader .. And I get good supplemental income. If you can get a lot more you can make it quite well.

For instance I jumped on Apple this year and it went up 30%. But you need to keep one thing in mind .. Don’t sell a quality stock when it drops…like today. Hang on. Once I learned that I haven’t lost a dime.

I am up $6k [15%] mainly using $40K since November 2011. Hope to do better this year.

I would say poker is harder.

Mark asks…

How long can you run bad in poker?

I just got 2 vicious bad beats in like 10 minutes and have been getting bad luck and playing bad for a week now. Is it possible to win in Poker at all? It seems like every time I get ahead a couple grand i end up losing it back within a couple weeks and repeat the process over and over again.

admin answers:

There is not time line for how long a bad streak can last. If there was then all anyone would ever do is just not play for that set amount of time and then just come back when they knew it was over. Anyone can have a bad run for a day, a week, a month or even longer. What separates good players from bad ones is how they handle those times.

A bad player will just keep depositing, playing the same way and hope for different outcome. Some people say that’s the definition of Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. A good player will take action and try to figure out what is going on. There are many things you can do to help yourself and your bankroll out in times like this.

1) Make sure you are playing within your bankroll. As you start to get on your bad streak, move down a level or two if needed until you get your confidence back in your play. This is the #1 killer to most people that play poker. They get on a good streak, win a nice cash here and there, then next thing you know they are playing $5-$10 with a 2K bankroll and lose it all. I’ve included a link to Chris Ferguson’s Bankroll Management suggestions.

2) Walk away for a bit. You will not be in the right mindset if you continue to play after taking a few bad beats. You might start taking unnecessary risks and playing hands differently then you should play then, because you get it in your mind that „well he just called with 62os and won so obviously that’s what I should do“.

3) Take a break from playing for a day, week or even longer. At least until you can come back and play without thinking about those beats.

4) Go over the hands that were bad beats. See how you played it, look to try and figure out why your opponent played that hand the way he did. Where you giving him good pot odds to call? Was he short stacked and figured it was now or never? How were you playing up until that point? Where you playing to loose, to tight, did he figure he could push you off a hand? These are just a few questions that come to mind.

5) Reread a poker book. Sometimes you will start to forget basic strategies and it’s always good to go back over material. You might also find something thing that you missed the first time reading.

6) Remember the times that you sucked out on players too with bad beats. We all do it, the thing is it seems like people suck out on you more then you suck out on them. The thing is the brain remembers the bad beats that happen to you better then the ones that you put on people. Also, when you are playing online you have to remember that you are seeing so many more hands and have so many loose players that it’s going to seem like it happens a lot more.

It is very possible to win at poker and yes luck plays in to it. Anyone can win a big tournament or big pot today, tomorrow or next week, but it takes skill to be a constant winner over the years.

Hopefully this was helpful and Good Luck at the Tables,

Carol asks…

How do I convince someone to play dirty truth or dare or strip poker?

A lot of people know what I mean…If I want to play truth or dare (dirty version) or Strip Poker and no one else does, how can I convince them to play?

admin answers:

Buy um a drink

George asks…

What poker website is best out there for less suck-outs and better players?

What poker site is best out there for less suck-outs and better players?

admin answers:

If you are looking for the best poker site, i recommend this site

John asks…

How to remember what beats what in poker?

I always forget what beats what in poker….i know it changes too in certain games….like when does a flush beat a straight or full house or 4 of a kind, etc….
I can never remember and i feel silly when playing with friends sometimes…is there like a trick to remembering what beats what?

admin answers:

Don’t worry about that. It not a big deal. Just try making a list in each game and memorize that list regularly and slowly with the lapse of time you’ll yourself find out that now you are okay with these wins, and now you can yourself find out that what beats what. There is no trick in that. Just playing experience will let you remember everything.

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