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William asks…

How do you play the card games Bridge,Gin,and Poker?

admin answers:

Rules for (probably) every card game

Mary asks…

What is the poker game played in Lock, Stock & two Smoking barrels ?

I just watched the movie for the second time and was wondering what poker game is played, it certainly isn’t stud like a lot of answers on the internet suggest

admin answers:

I believe it’s Three Card Brag.


Laura asks…

Is it illegal to hold a poker game at my house?

Me and some friends want to hold a poker game at my house and invite people to watch, we will be gambling real money, is that illegal?

Our ages range from 15-17 and we are in UK

Thanks in advance 🙂
@Alex turner: Thanks, but drugs, smoke and alcohol are not my kind of thing lol. Now that its illegal, I’m probably not gonna do it anyways 🙂

admin answers:

Not illegal as long as the house isn’t making a profit from it.

Michael asks…

What Is a good buy in to make for an hour long poker game.?

Im having a poker game from 5-6 at a fundraiser, and i was wondering what a good chip amount for each person would be to have it last only that long? i assume it would be 6-7 people playing.

I was thinking that ten dollars of chips for each person on the table and a fifty cent minimum bet would get the game through pretty quickly.

admin answers:

Hard to say there is a good buy in for an hour long game.

Realize that if you want the game to end in an hour, that means that a couple people have to be eliminated within 20 or 30 minutes. That’s not a lot.

Chris asks…

Anyone know of any Poker games in the orlando area?

admin answers:

Heh heh heh! Do you REALLY want me to tell you about POKER games?

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