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Susan asks…

How do I set up a private Poker online tournament?

I’d like to host a private online Poker tournament for my company, but I’m curious which sites let you do this without having an insane amount of FFP? Also, is it possible to set up a tournament for play money, or do they only offer cash tournaments?

admin answers:

On PokerStars, if you email support, they can enable you to set up Private Tourneys. I’ve read that a player must have gotten a total of 2000 Frequent Player Points including all of your play on the site (you don’t need a current FPP balance). However, I’m not sure of that.

The private tourneys there can have a minimum buy-in of $5 + $1. They don’t have play money private tourneys.

I expect, if you can’t get PStars to immediately set you up, you could post the details of the tourney you want *here* and someone could set up the tourney for you.

Michael asks…

What is The pay scale for the poker dealers on television?

We enjoy watching High Stakes poke and poker after dark and we were wondering how much the dealers are paid?

admin answers:

The poker dealers you see on TV are employees of the casinos that are hosting the show. IE. On Poker after dark, they play at the South Point, the dealer is a south point employee and is paid the same rate $8-10/hour plus tips regardless if she is on TV or not.

Lisa asks…

What is the best scrunching product for poker straight hair?


I have naturally poker-straight hair, and I really want to be able to get those scrunched-in waves (y’know, without any heat). What is the best product to do this? I’ve heard that Herbal Essences Totally Twisted is good, but I think that might be for people who have a natural curl?

Thanks in advance,

Andie 🙂

admin answers:


If you have naturally poker straight hair, then you’re not going to be able to scrunch your hair to get a decent wave in it. If you don’t want to use heat, then sleep in big sponge rollers overnight – that will give you the wave you’re looking for.


William asks…

How do you play a game of poker?

I’m a noobie on the subject of playing a hang of poker.

admin answers:

Poker is a skill game. It is very vast game and require a lot much of practice to get your first earning out of poker game. First of all get all info about poker game that you can get. After that you can practice your game on free gaming providing sites like FullTilt Poker and PokerStars. After gaining enough experience on these free gaming sites you can switch to real money gaming.

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Betty asks…

How do I ask someone to join Yahoo poker in Chat?

I want to host a tournament with a chat mate. He has it installed, I have it installed but we can’t seem to connect. He doesn’t get my invite, or the buzz.
We were abel to play once, but now can’t seem to get Yahoo poker to work.
Any thoughts?

admin answers:

Try having him re-install the application or maybe he needs a newer version of Java. It was updated recently.

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