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Mary asks…

What is the safest way to deposit money into an online Poker account?

Either Poker Stars or Ultimate Bet?


admin answers:

I would Recommend MoneyBookers E Wallet.
It works like Pay pal but is accepted by all Poker and Gaming sites
including Pokerstars and Ultimate Bet

Sign up is Free and it prevents you from needing to give the sites your credit card details. Also it means you will keep any gambling transaction confidential from your bank and they won’t appear on your statement. Another benefit are all the bonus deals you can get when depositing by Moneybookers. Sign up for free to check them out

William asks…

Is it advisable for beginners to play real money poker online?

I have recently started playing online poker for real money. I want to know about the basic know-how of playing it for beginners.

admin answers:

Online poker for beginners is extremely user friendly, especially in comparison to many other games. Rather than depositing real money, players can enter freerolls to start to gauge their style of play. There are many different ways to play poker for money and it is important to understand that poker games for real money will have players that play in many different styles. For example, there are aggressive players that will raise or over bet pots, generally pressuring others, and there are passive players that choose to go with the play (calling and folding), rather than raising or re-raising. Getting to grips with the basics by playing some freerolls or no deposit poker bonuses and see what poker online for real money is essential.

Maria asks…

Where can I find a poker tournament event near where I live?

I love playing poker, and have been playing online for the last couple years with house money. Now I want to find a live tournament near where I live. Where can I go to find information about tournaments in my area? I can’t seem to find any good sites online. Thanks in advance for your response.

admin answers:

If you do not have any Card rooms near by, Charity poker events are sure to be around. Try googling hold em (your city here).

Ruth asks…

How do you calculate pot percentage when some wins after an all in in poker?

My question is basicaaly this. I’m a novice in poker and just play at home for fun. So I want to know if i’m ahead in chips and I go all in and someone with lesser chips than me calls my bet, and if I (the person with higher chips) wins then the whole pot is mine, but if the person with lower chips wins do they get the entire pot(i.e. I’m out) or is the pot split by some percentage if so please tell me how to calculate that percentage.

admin answers:

I’m a poker writer, I write as Dead Money on

no, you don’t lose your whole stack(you can only lose what he has left plus what was already in the pot)

If you go all in and a player with a smaller stack calls, assuming no one else does, you just pull back any extra chips that you have beyond what he has left, he can’t win those.(if you call his all in you just call what he bet) if he calls your all- in you only have to match what he has, you don’t even need to put the extra chips in unless there’s more than one caller)
IF he goes all in you can call by just matching what he puts in. If there are others involved there is a main pot (everything all players can win, that is, what he has left plus what was in the pot before the bet. Each player still in contributes to the main pot an amount matching what he put in, then you and the other player(s) can still contest the side pot. (the side pot is any chips that are more than what was already in the pot plus an amount from each active player that matches the short stacks bet) In tournament play it is often advantageous not to bet the other guy(s) out who’s contesting the side pot because you want to give yourselves the best chance of busting the guy who really is all-in. Never ever bluff a guy out in that situation(remember you can’t bluff the guy who’s all in so betting with nothing is a bad play in that spot), he may have been able to beat the all in player, the all in player may beat you so you gain nothing and possibly allow the player who is all in to stay in the game, unnecessarilly, when the other player could have busted him. It’s bad strategy and bad ediquite to bluff someone out when there’s a player all in(I teach online classes too if your interested email me at it’s cheap and I can teach you to crush low stakes games.

Jenny asks…

How many types of poker is there?

How many types of poker is there?
Which are the most played? I wanted to start playing it for fun so I would appreciate the answers.

admin answers:

There are HUNDREDS of variations of poker. Below is just one of many sites that lists a lot of them, and shows you the rules.

Not many are actually played in casinos, however.

The most common poker games played today are these, listed from MOST common first:

* Texas Hold ‚em (Limit and No Limit)
* 7-card Stud (High and High-Lo)
* Omaha (Limit, Pot Limit, No Limit)

* 5-card draw (Not really played in casinos anymore)
* 5-card stud (Not played in casinos anymore)

Different parts of the world, (and of any one country), may have more popular games than in other parts. For example, 7-card stud is more popular near me than in most other parts of the country, but it’s still a far 2nd place to Texas Hold ‚em.

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