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Charles asks…

What do you call a small, pretty run-down, gaming hall?

I’m not a native english speaker. I understand a gaming hall is one of those large places with hundreds of coin-operated games, that you would find in places like Las Vegas. Is there a specific name for a sort of small, shabby, corner-of-the-street joint that serves beer and has two or three mechanical poker games in the corner? I’m from Bucharest, Romania and I need to translate a text in english, and it refers to this sort of place that we have around here. Thanks a lot.

admin answers:

A dinky gambling joint/bar.

Sandra asks…

Is there a minimum bet on blackjack at an average Vegas casino on the strip?

I am going to vegas and want to know if i can easily find cheap blackjack and poker at casinos on the strip. (I am aiming for like $5 blackjack hands and poker games with very low blinds.

admin answers:

You can always find a $5 blackjack table at any casino on the strip or downtown. The thing is, the people that you play with at $5 tables might make you want to play at other denominations

you can find some good tables for poker at the stratosphere hotel/casino with low blinds

Chris asks…

How to properly sort a deck of cards?

I am going to be managing a poker room in about 7 weeks (non-casino). I am trying to find the proper way to have my dealers break a deck of cards down once the poker games end.

Looking for proper rank of card values, and the order of suits from top (face side up) to bottom. Even the minor details if there are any. ***Looking for Vegas standards and a link to the source if possible!***

Thank you for your time!

admin answers:

In a card room, the decks are typically suited and ranked in order (A-K) when not in use. This allows dealers to fan them out when a fresh deck is put in play so they (and the players) can quickly verify there are no missing cards.

In actual play, the suits have no inherent rank with one minor exception…when dealing cards around a new table to determine first owner of the button or something similar. Then, the suits are usually ranked low-to-high in alphabetical order (CDHS). As far as determining hand strength, all four suits are identical. The normal card rank is 2-A with the sole exception of a wheel straight, where the ace would rank low.

Lisa asks…

I want to start Video game parlour, where can I buy video game machines.?

I am looking for coin operated machines as well as poker games.

admin answers:

These are all full-size arcade games…

Arcade Legends:

Big Buck Hunter:

Fast and Furious Super Bikes:

Betty asks…

Poker when will this schmucks luck run out?

I have a weekly poker game and I am getting very frustrated because there is this one player who seems to be CONSTANTLY getting lucky all of the time. I mean he needs one specific card and he seems to get it every time!

How true can this be? Is this schmucks like going to run out? If so when? Or is it me? Am I just not playing correctly? Or?

Please help because I am getting sick and tired of this lucky schmuck!

admin answers:

It can happen, and yes, sometimes it makes you want to pull out a gun and shoot the dude in the face. I had a nemesis that always seemed to hit his outs. One time he had to have running cards to beat me and of course hit them. Six outs on the turn, five on the river, and he makes it. I was a 27 to 1 favorite when I pushed my chips in and lost. A week later I flopped a set, he flopped a flush draw, went all in, and lost. I played him heads up to prove a point and had my pocket aces cracked, to lose the whole match, to his big slick. So you know what I changed? NOTHING. Not one single thing. Sometimes the improbable happens, and sometimes it seems to happen a bunch. But so long as you’re pushing with the best hand you’re playing good poker. All those victories made my nemesis overconfident, he started playing looser, garbage hands, and over the next few months I won back everything I had lost to him and then some. Think of your losses as an investment in his lousy play. His wins just reinforce the idea that he’s a good player, he’ll keep doing the same things, and pretty soon you’ll be raking up his money. Luck is a fickle mistress, she’ll move on soon enough. Just don’t let yourself focus on this guy alone, there’s a whole table full of opponents to beat. Good luck.

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