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James asks…

Where can I find payout structures for poker tournaments in casinos?

I want to play at Parx and Harrahs (chester) in thier poker tournaments. Where can I find the payout structures. Iwant to know what I could win before I go. Thnaks

admin answers:

A casino near me posts this information on their website. Try visiting the Parx & Harrah’s websites and see if they have this info. If not, the next time you are at one of these casinos, stop by the poker room. Most poker rooms have a sheet you can take with you that shows the payout structure. If they are too far away, give them a call.

Mark asks…

Do you need to pay taxes on money won playing online poker?

I recently won $3000 on a poker site, not based in the United States. Will I need to claim this on my taxes at the end of the year?

admin answers:

Yes you have to claim your winning. Under the US Tax Code, all income for US citizens is taxable, whether earned in the US, overseas or on the Internet.

And with the „actual“ situation with online poker for US player….I suggest you not to take any risk.

Take care

Helen asks…

How often do professional poker players cash in tournaments?

Does anyone know how often the average poker pro makes the money in tournaments? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find any info on it. Thanks

admin answers:

What is an average poker pro?

It’s a really difficult question to answer, and I doubt there is really no meaningful answer you can find.

Some poker pros may travel the world playing WPT and WSOP circuit events. Others may elect to play only in events at a specific location such as London, Vegas, LA or AC. Some players may enter smaller tournaments, some larger tournaments, some may confine themselves to lower stakes tournaments.

With so many variables and different kinds of pro and tournament out there, it is hard to know the answer.

Carol asks…

How do you withdraw play money on full tilit poker?

How do you withdraw play money on full tilit poker? I have tried everything, and when i click withdraw, it says that i am withdrawing REAL money which i dont want to do.

admin answers:

You cant withraw play money! But if you want to withdraw somhing go to this site

or go to this site: it gives you a capital for real money

just pass a quiz and they give you 50 $ for any poker platforms like pokerstars, fultilt, titan poker , partypoker and lots lots more you dont need to invest your money, no need to deposit, and no need to give account numbers or bank details

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Linda asks…

How do I start a legal poker room in Michigan or Ohio?

Several (legal) poker rooms have opened up in my area (Michigan and Ohio border). I know a charity has to be involved, but how do I find or get a charity to back me up? What other steps would I have to take? I know I need a place to host, chips, tables, and dealers…is it really that simple?

admin answers:

To really answer this question, you’re going to have to call a lawyer, or someone with a legitimate intimate knowledge with these laws. You’re going to need tables, chips, dealers, floormen, security, shift supervisers, poker manager, cashiers, ways to collect and transport money, security systems, including cameras at every table, someone to watch those systems, tv’s…

It’s a bigger investment than you think.

Either way, you really need to talk to someone in town who actually knows the laws.

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