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James asks…

Electronic calculator influence?

Im writing a report for IT and then just stumbled upon an odd question which i had to answer. This is what it reads:
„Analyse and discuss the impact of electronic calculators on individuals, organisations, and communities.“

Im not too sure how i would go about answering this question, would you be able to help answer it or give me some ideas on what i could write about. Thanks

admin answers:

Think about yourself, if you did not have a calculator, how would you do things differently?
Would it be faster or slower?
What would you use?
What about a scientist?
What about an accountant?

Richard asks…

Calculation without Calculator..HELP!!!?

1. Find the √2 and √5 without using calculator..Please show the steps
2. If x=even and y=odd find x^y and y^x

admin answers:

Use log table,

x = √2
log x = log √2
log x = log 2^0.5
log x = 0.5 log 2 (find log 2 from the table, which is 0.30103
log x = 0.5 x 0.30103
log x = 0.150515 (find x from log table, which is 1.41)
x = 1.41

x = √5
log x = log √5
log x = log 5^0.5
log x = 0.5 log 5 (find log 5 from the table, which is 0.69897
log x = 0.5 x 0.69897
log x = 0.349485 (find x from log table, which is 2.23)
x = 2.23

Chris asks…

Is it weird that I’m doing trigonometry in eighth grade?

My father is trying to help me with my trigonometry homework, and since he’s getting frustrated because I don’t have that stupid sine button on my calculator he says it’s odd that I’m in eighth grade and my math teacher is teaching our class trigonometry. What grade do you usually take trig?

admin answers:

Trig. Used to be sophmore yr. High school, (looooong ago).
But they’ve shifted the curriculum around a lot since them.
Set theory used to be a college elective.
I’d agree with teaching trig that early. Being more familiar with it would
have made integration a lot easier when I got to calculus.

Donna asks…

what is correct modern way of measuring bra size?

I’ve tried measuring myself using two methods. the first one where you measure above the bust, the fullest bust line and below the bust and tried the bra calculator.
then i tried the other method which is taking the band measurement and adding 5 since it’s my band line was odd and then measure the fullest bust and subtract it but i use another bra calculator.
both are the same results which 30aa
but are both them right? is it weird my band line is 25 and my bust line is 29
wouldnt that be 29-30= -1? should that make an A?

admin answers:

the Bust -the Under the Bust = Cup Size in inches.

Under the Bust = Band size

If your Under the Bust measurement is even. If it is odd then you can choose to go up to the next even number for you Band Size and keep the same Cup Size or go down to the next even number and add one cup size. The bra is made of out stretchy material, so it will stretch to fit you. If you find that the bra that you are wearing it to tight you can go up a down a cup and up in the band.

Cup size in inches(UK). A=1in B=2in C=3in D=4in DD=5in E=6in F=7in FF=8in G=9in GG=10in H=11in HH=12in J=13in JJ=14in K=15in KK=16in L=17in LL=18in

You would be a 26D. But you could also try a 28C.

Linda asks…

Have you ever taken a Math test with no calculators and #2 pencils and papers not allowed?

I am about to take an entrance test into a vocational school later today. I’ll be enrolling into an LPN program or licensed practical nursing program. And for their Math test, I was told not to bring calculators, #2 pencils or papers. That seems a bit odd to me, because, of all different kind of schools I went to even including community and university types of schools, I was allowed all those even during the final exams.

Should I take this exam seriously or just do my best?

What do you think?

admin answers:

My entrance exam was the same way. It was taken on a computer, and I was told to bring absolutely nothing with me. I was given scratch paper and a pencil, but the calculator was built into the program and it was very basic. It couldn’t graph and could basically only add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Everything else was to be written as exact answers, leaving logarithms, π, e, and trig functions (unless one of the „special“ angles) in the answer.

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