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Linda asks…

Is poker a game or chance or a game of skill?

i play poker at school, and our headteacher has aid we are not allowed to play „games of chance.“ But i think its mainly skill. what do you think?

admin answers:

Half skill and half gambling.

Skill in that you must read opponents, play your cards correclty and be able to quickly tabulate odds in your heads to make the best move.

Gambling in that the cards you get are random and unpredictable.

Laura asks…

Why does the system request me to load the latest flash Player during my attempt to load Texas Holdem Poker?

Have loaded the latest Flash Player from Adope but the system keep on asking me to load the latest Flash Player. This problem only started after I have loaded the Latest Internet Explorer 8. Please Help me I miss my Poker Games.

admin answers:

I would recommened trying firefox, opera, chrome, or safari. The problem might have to do IE8.

Lisa asks…

why is my computer so slow when i am playing poker games?

admin answers:

Ummm wat model of computer do u have? Some older computer perform slower when running a game.

Carol asks…

Whats some good dealer’s choice poker games to play?

Besides Hold’em, Omaha and Stud..

Also explain how to play.


admin answers:

There is seven card no peek. You deal seven cards per person face down. After everyone has all there cards you turn one card over and say it is a five of hearts the person to you left turns there card over until the beat that card. If anyone turns over all seven cards and can’t beat the other person hand they are out. The win is the person with any cards left face down.

For example you have four people playing
the card to beat is a 10 of spades
first peson turns over a 5 then 7 then jack. He stop because he beat the 10.
Player 2 turns his over and has 9 then 4 then 5 then 7 then 4 they stop because they have a pair of 4’s
player 3 turns over an ace then 2 then king then 2 then 6 then 7 then queen. They lose because they did not beat the pair of 4’s and they are out of cars.
Player 4 turns over 3 then ace then 3 then 5 then king then 9 then 3. They beat the pair of 4’s
player 1 has 5,7,jack, they turn ace,then 5 then jack then 3 . There out because there out of card and didn’t beat the pair of 4’s
player 2 has won. Got a few more if you want them

Richard asks…

are home poker games legal in washington?

…playing with real money such as quarters and dollar bills
…washington state

admin answers:

Playing poker is not illegal…it’s when the house takes a rake (makes a profit from the game)…as long as it’s a friendly little house game, you have no fear of it being raided…

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