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Helen asks…

When visiting family for a long vacation how do you get along?

Labor day picnic, family skeet shoot, POE poker game, and drinking games included, how would you get along?

admin answers:

Like WC Fields.. Relatives are like fish and start to stink after 3 days.

Joseph asks…

What would be a Great Wii Game to buy for a „big “ kid. finally found my husband a Wii and need some games.

He loves sports, used to like Donkey Kong and Mario Bros game on old nintendo. I thought I saw a card/poker game for Wii is that any good?

admin answers:

Well part of the great thing about the Wii is that not ALL of the games cater to the so called „hardcore gamers.“

Many different games are aimed at different gaming styles and preferences, so your pretty much guaranteed to find something he’ll like.

Anyway, personally I would recommend:
– The Legend of Zelda „Twilight Princess“ – This can be considered more of a hardcore game, however, it isn’t too hard, and it has many different objectives. Additionally it has an epic story and has plenty of mini-games to keep you dsitracted as well.

– Super Mario Galaxy – If your husband is a longtime Mario fan, I am sure that he will enjoy this. Super Mario Galaxy is 3D Mario platforming at its finest. Mario Galaxy, also sports some of the nicest Wii graphics to date. Another great thing about this game is that it also features a co – op play mode, where someone can help Mario out by shooting enemies, or shaking the player 2 remote, to help Mario jump higher etc.

– Excite Truck – Another great Wii game. This game is the sequel to the Excite Bike game back on the NES. Anyway, ti features fast paced racing action, that doesn’t take itself too seriously, because of all the insane jumps, and stunts that you can do! This is a very fun game that also features a 2 -player versus mode so you can race against your friends.

– If your husband loves sports, I’m sure he’ll also enjoy Madden 08. While I’ve never played it personally I’ve heard that it is very fun.

If your husband is a fan of the oldskool Mario games on the NES and SNES than a Wii points card might also be a good gift idea (assuming that you have an internet connection to take advantage of the Wii’s online capablities.

With a Wii points card you can download classic NES, SNES, N64, Sega, Neo Geo, and Turbo Graphics games onto your Wii console. This is a perfect feature for oldskool gamers who want to experience some of their favorite classic games again.

Anyway I hope that helps you out.

Lisa asks…

Will wealthy people eventually get rid of the middle class and drive the lower class out of the country?

Outsourcing jobs because it’s cheaper to pay someone in another country creates unemployment, makes the employer more money, and the unemployed screwed. Seems like one big poker game where everyone wants to take the pot.

admin answers:

Keep your ignorant oversimplifications to yourself. Leave it to the economically uneducated to rely on class warfare rhetoric to pass off wealth envy as a political point.

Mandy asks…

What is the significance of Seven Card Stud?

In the play Streetcar named desire the Last line is This game is a Seven Card Stud. Why is this poker game significant?

admin answers:

One of the recurring themes in Street car is that of poker. The boys are all poker partners, and that’s how stella introduces Blanch to mitch.

Anyways, many poker players like to play a fixed rotation game, or something called „dealers choice“. This means that the player acting as the dealer gets to choose the type of poker being played that hand.

As blanch gets taken away to the institution, the poker game continues, we know that the players were unmoved, uncaring about the Blanch situation, in that the game continues „This game is seven card stud“, announcing what game they’re playing next.

Hope this helps.

John asks…

What are the top human enjoyments of life?

I have a small list to start you off:
Making your children happy
Eating good food
Making good friends
Winning competitions

I want a long list, so feel free to write many things down! Please keep the items semi-broad (ie; for winning a poker game, say „winning an interpersonal competition“ and then you can list examples)

admin answers:

Cozying up into warm blankets when you wake up on a cold morning

sitting in the middle of a clean cool river on a hot day

getting drunk around a campfire with your best friends

slow kisses with someone you love


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