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Chris asks…

Is there any online poker that pays out easily to Canadian accounts?

Just curious, I’m a shitty poker player but on the off chance that I make some money it’d be nice to be able to get at it. Is there any site that includes bonuses for signing up?

Is that even legal in canada?
Tempted to go to the casino but this is lazier, and I’m just going to lose money either way, so… whatever. 7 card stud seems like the only poker I’m at all decent at, so lots of rooms with that would be a bonus.
Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

Every poker site would send you the money, gambling online is legal in Canada, you can play at every site. Take a look here
at reviews of good poker sites. Fulltilt and pokerstars are the biggest ones. With millions of users. They are very accurate with payings.

Jenny asks…

what is the best place to play online poker?

my dad is wanting to play online poker with no monthly fees. He wants to play for small amounts up to $100. does anyone know a good website for him?

admin answers:

Fulltilt poker is the best poker site. They have best bonus offer and over 500 000 players. You can find more info about the site at

Donald asks…

Where can I get a real poker set in MELB?

It’s my dad’s birthday on saturday.
And he loves loves looooves poker nights at his, but they don’t play it with the set. I was wondering where I could get a real full poker set, here in melbourne. Or even online?

admin answers:

Do you have Walmart stores in Melbourne? Walmart sells a fairly decent „Made in China“ set.

If not, just goolge „buy poker chips“ and you will get tons of options. You can also find some good deals on eBay.

Mary asks…

How much does it cost in fees to start a poker room in Washington State?

Does it have to be on Reserve land? I know some places like Renton must allow poker rooms to be licensed.

Thanks for the help

admin answers:

Poker rooms do not have to be on reservations. First check your county/city regulations. Of course you will need a license.. State and local. If allowed where you want then the cost is up to you. Tables, building, employees, ect. Just keep the books straight.. The state wants their cut..

Thomas asks…

Where do rich poker players keep their money?

For example, say you just won the 2008 World Series of poker. You now have a couple of millions. Would you keep that money in a bank? Union? What is the safest place(s) to keep that money?

I also heard that it is against the law to have more than $10,000 on you unless you have proof of where it came from. Is this true?

admin answers:

Millionaire poker players like Phil Ivey or Helmuth or whomever always have at least a few tens of thousands of dollars that are easily accessible. That money is probably in a safe at their house. If I had to guess, I’d say they also have lines of credit at their favorite casinos (guys like Ivey often play in $100,000 buy-in ring games) so they don’t actually have to bring cash.

After that, they just keep their money where ever other rich people keep their money. Bank accounts spread out among several banks, money market accounts, mutual funds, stocks and bonds, real estate, etc, etc.

No, it is not illegal to carry more than $10,000 cash on you, but with any transaction whatsoever (including bank transactions, casino cashiers, car dealerships, etc) over $10,000 you are required by law to file certain paperwork with the IRS. It is also possibly you could be flagged at an airport if you have a large sum of cash in your luggage as well.

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