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Sharon asks…

Do you use multiple computer screens to play online poker?

Looking at upgrading to a multiple computer screen system to play online poker with. How many screens do you use?

admin answers:

I play at Poker Stars and want to be able to see my table (I rarely play more than one) and the tournament table, so that I know how close I am to cashing, lets me know how tricky I can be as we get to the cash.

So, I use a laptop with an ATI Catalyst system and can add a monitor and extend my desktop onto the monitor. Usually look at my table on the screen and the tournament on the monitor

Chris asks…

What is the most ridiculous poker site ever?

With all the poker sites and all the obvious cheating and manipulating of the cards which one is the worst?

admin answers:

I have played a number of poker sites and of them all Tigergaming is the most ridiculous one of all. I have yet to find a poker site that seems to have a fair deal but some make no sense at all. Tigergaming offers the most freerolls but has hardly any players playing real money games. The people that are playing money games are likely playing with what they won on frerolls. Anyone who ever thought online poker wasn’t fixed should try this site.

William asks…

How can I play for real money on party poker?

How can I play for real money on party poker? i see where they won’t take any credit cards from the u.s. so will they take money out of a debit card through a local bank? Can i deposit my winnings straight into the bank?

admin answers:

No you can’t.

After the Bush/Frist gambling/anti-terror bill fiasco Party Gambing decided to pull out of the US. They didn’t want to deal with the legal hassles.

If you want to play online consider some of the other online poker sites, see link.

Sandra asks…

Is it illegal to deposit money onto an online poker website?

To transfer money onto Full Tilt Poker, is it illegal? I live in Arizona right now.

admin answers:


listen a lot of people may say that online poker or online gambling is illegal bcuz it just is or the UIGEA act made it illegal. The UIGEA goes after the banks that do or rather did business with the poker sites. The UIGEA DOES NOT I repeat DOES NOT attack those that play online poker so theres nothing to be afraid of

Sandy asks…

Is there anyway to find out if someone is playing online poker without knowing the screenname?

Like can you search a database for a the persons real name and will it show you what there screenname and what poker site they are playing on and things like that? Thanks.

admin answers:

Most semi serious poker players are part of a forum or poker site to discuss HH’s and game theory life etc. Many are like the social networks. If the screen name is linked to their name most search bots will pick this up and find post with search fields „online poker, jon doe, screen name“ or try diff combination’s.

If you are looking for a pros screen name there are many sites that have list etc google should provide these too.

If a realitive is playing and you just gota know. Unless they have done any of the above mentioned then no. Banks will be sending letters and emails out the next few weeks to let customers that have used CC’s, and ATM cards etc that the UIEGA laws will be inforced form December 2nd or 12th forward.


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