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Laura asks…

my computer says i need to install adobe flash player?

My computer,well to be honest the poker game on facebook won’t play as it says i need to download the latest adobe flashplayer.I have followed the instructions and it says complete/downloaded but then when i go to play it says the same thing.It says the same thing on youtube when i try to watch a video?

admin answers:

The first link below, from the Adobe website states:

„How to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control

Due to recent enhancements to the Adobe Flash Player installers, you can now remove the player only by using the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller.“

The second link below takes you to the page where you can download Adobe’s own uninstaller programme.

The third link below is where you can download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Happy viewing.

Richard asks…

How is tonight not a complete fail for Gary Bettman?

Nineteen years as Commissioner and the fourth game of the Stanley Cup finals is still only good enough for the NBC sports channel. The couldn’t possibly have Betty White preempted by overtime could they? I guess there wasn’t a good poker game or cage fight tonight, so NBC Sports got stuck with hockey.

admin answers:

Tell you what: when you negotiate a better deal with NBC or anyone else, get back to us.

If the audience isn’t there, they cannot pre-empt other programming. Simple as that. It has nothing to do with Bettman, so ignorant rants about it just piss me off. The league revenues have risen every year since the lockout, quite substantially. That shows how much of a ‚failure‘ Bettman is. Perhaps that’s why his employers, the owners of the 29 teams, unanimously extended his contract.

It appears that they are smarter than you.

Betty asks…

Im looking for a large quantity of paper bills of a foreign currency?

… (in circulation or not) for poker games with friends, 120 bills of 6 different denominations would be ideal. I’m not concerned with the worth or collectability of these bills. I’m looking for CHEAP ones, does anyone know which currency, and where i could acquire it from?

My current searchings:

Zimbabwe dollar
Iraqi Dinar
(cannot find an avenue to buy lower denominations in large quantity of these bills)

admin answers:

You can get packages of mixed denominations of Zimbabwe currency for $10 or less on eBay.

Joseph asks…

Where can I find a texas holdem game to add to my page?

Where can I find poker games to add to my page? Thanks!

admin answers:

First of all I’m sick of that girl answering questions with no sense. Ok, the answer to the question.

Go to because they always have a embed link so you can play it. Click the link in the source. Search the site for any games with Texas Hold’em.

Merry Christmas!

Mandy asks…

whats the quickest way to get money in red dead redemption?

I know of the cheats but without the cheats what is the quickest way and where is the highest poker game at?

admin answers:

If your far into/beaten the game go to the great plaines and kill buffalo and boars and stuff like that or if your really adventurous go into the tall trees and kill bears and cougars but be careful. If your not far kill wolves or deer. They bring in reasonable money…really anything is good exept horses.

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