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Laura asks…

Would I be a disappointment if I became a professional poker player?

Poker players are generally thought of as being gamblers, but I love the game.
Hypothetically, even if I became as good as players like Daniel Negreanu or Phil Ivey or other players like them, would that still be a disappointment or looked down on by society?
By the way I am a second year math major.

admin answers:

Poker players are gamblers, period. It’s a fact. They win, they lose. Professionals win big, they lose big.

Kid Poker (July 26, 1974) was born in Toronto and dropped out of high school in New York. He was hustling in pool halls, sports betting and playing cards at 16. He went back to Toronto and built up a bankroll, He lost everything in Las Vegas at 22 years old.

His most successful year was in 2004 when he won two titles, Card Player of the Year and WSOP Player of the Year. That year he won just over a million in the Borgata Open (2004) and $1,795,218 in the Five Diamond World Poker Classic (2004); He didn’t win anything notable again until Nov 2008 where he won the fourth annual British Columbia Poker Championship main event earning $299,951 (USD). And none since, except $208,874 in 2008. (Maybe he’s due).

So he’s had big 6 wins in his life: $169,460 (1998); $100,400 (2003); $169,100 (2004); $204,874 (2008); and the other two 2004 wins; $1,117,400 and $1,795,218.

Mark asks…

On average, what is the round about price of good clay poker chips, and where can I get them?

I want the good poker chips not plastic. Clay or acrylic. Also, can I get them in a gaming store or is it better to get them online?

admin answers:

You could go to a casino but they’ll rip you off. I’d check ebay, yahoo! Shopping, or and store’s clearance.

Here are a list of Poker Chip manufacturers.

Here are Clay poker chips on eBay

Real Clay Poker Casino Chips

Yahoo Shopping;_ylt=Am5akrFWqITD.h3ixva5kicbFt0A;_ylu=X3oDMTBuYjFmYmVoBF9zAzIzNTAxMzc5BGx0AzIEc2VjA3Ny/**;_ylt=AsCtPnSnksDZdqmA_ac3.6AbFt0A;_ylu=X3oDMTBuYjFmYmVoBF9zAzIzNTAxMzc5BGx0AzIEc2VjA3Ny/**
Thank You happy shopping

Sharon asks…

Where can I host a private poker tournament online?

I know of certain poker rooms that allow private tournaments. Most of which require you to play for real money first then collect a certain amount of comp points before persuing a private tournament status. If anyone can assist please.

admin answers:

One of the best places to host your private tournaments is at absolute. If you aren’t a player there yet you will have to sign up and become part of their VIP program. You must have earned 5000VIP points in order to have this privledge and then you can host all the tournaments you want. I have posted the absolute private tournament info for you along with a link.

I wish you luck, private tournaments can be alot of fun!

Absolute Private Tournaments:

Absolute Poker is home to Private Tournaments. Private Tournaments are Single Table tournaments where players who are invited by the tournament organizer can play exclusively with each other. If you have made a deposit with Absolute Poker, you may request to join private tournament groups. Whether you have been invited or not, it is up to the the tournament organizer to approve or decline requests for entry.

To create your own private tournament, you must be a VIP. VIP’s are our most loyal and active real money players who have accumulated over 5,000 Absolute Reward Points. VIP’s have the ability to create the private poker tournament groups as well as approve or decline those players who have requested to join their group.


Sandra asks…

Where can I learn terms for poker in Japanese?

I know Japanese people play poker too, but what do they call a full house, trips, straight, flush, etc?
Do they just use the English words or do they have their own terms?
I would like to know.

admin answers:

If you download the Full Tilt Poker client, you can change the default language to Japanese. If you can read Kanji, you’ll be good. You can also look here:

Sandy asks…

Has anyone requested a withdrawal from FullTilt Poker and gotten their money?

Hey everyone, I’m just wondering if FullTilt Poker actually pays people who request their money. I’ve heard them be accused of being a scam site. Has anyone gotten a check? If you have, do you live in the US?

admin answers:

Hi im Blacklabel77

Yes,,,, i’ve actually received my money from fulltilt,,, and i didn’t even use my money to deposit…. I used:

which deposited the money for free, you just have to pass a quiz

if you wanna play poker for free use the above site… They 1st teach you how to play then they give you 50$ for passing a quiz!
And they ask nothing in return exept that you dont create multiple accounts… And the test is fairly easy,,, only 20 items..
Once you passed the test they send the money to your website/pokerplatform in just 48 hours!!!
They can send it to you at Pokerstars, mansion poker, titan poker, party poker among others… Or you could sign up with them and deposit your own money and use their bonus code!

Http:// and remember to input my name when you register… Its Blacklabel77 thanks!

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