Your Questions About Poker Games

William asks…

What Star Trek TNG episode is the one where everything repeats?

The Senior Officers are playing poker and then called to their duties and then as the episode goes on they begin to realize they are playing the same poker game over and over and when they think the final time is going to have the same cards the entire deck comes out as threes. Can you help?

admin answers:

Cause and Effect

Carol asks…

When are you supposed to wear a bow tie?

I know you can technically wear one with a suit but in what scenario would you be expected to unironically wear one? James Bond wore one during that poker game in Casino Royale and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t supposed to look goofy. Obviously I mean one of those smaller fashionable black ones.

admin answers:

When you wear a tuxedo or equivalent… It looks awkward with a suit in most occasions… Btw james bond wore it with a tux

Susan asks…

I need help writing a thesis for my essay?

I need help writing a thesis for how to win a poker game. It’s also an analysis essay if that makes a difference.

admin answers:

DO you like poker but you are tired of losing? If so i know a way(or some ways) that can help you win…..

Betty asks…

If a police officer is caught gambling illegally when he is off duty, would he be fired?

What are the consequences if an off-duty police officer prevents a robbery during an illegal poker game he’s participating in?

admin answers:

Conduct unbecoming, he could face an Internal Affairs investigation.

Michael asks…

What games give you weapons and hats in TF2?

I have the alien swarm hat and the killing floor set but what else? Oh well theres that poker game but other than those 3

admin answers:

The poker game,
If you preordered L4D2 and get Bill’s hat,
if you preordered Worms 3D,
That’s basically it so far.

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