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Helen asks…

Why are people from USA not allowed to play on some poker websites?

Just wondering why USA isnt allowed to play on some poker websites? Is it because we are too good for the rest of the world?

admin answers:

Many publicly owned poker sites do not want to face any undue litigation from the US government. Although the laws pertaining to online poker do not effect players, but merely make banking hard. There is no means of enforcement to this law, either.

Basically, it is a site’s issue, whether they want to or not. You can check out an interpretation of US online poker law at for a little bit of insight. Hope this helps.

Nancy asks…

Will I get caught playing poker online under the age of 18?

I’m 16 and want to play poker online using my debit card. Since the bank knows I’m under 16, can i get in trouble?

admin answers:

You can gamble underage just fine, but you can’t win any money doing it. If the poker site knows you’re underage they’ll refuse the account. If you lie about your age then they’ll take your money but when you’re ready to cash out they’ll need to verify your identity and at that time they’ll realize you’re underage and likely keep all your money.

Even if you wait until you’re 18 to cash out, they’ll still see that the account was created when you were 16 and they will likely use it as an excuse to keep your money.

Also, it hasn’t been mentioned yet, but if you live in the USA, you can’t use your debit card to deposit.

Donald asks…

Can someone explain the betting part of poker too me?

I want to learn how to play poker but i dont understand the bettiong part of poker. Can some one explain to me about betting, check, raising and ante stuff. Oh and i need help on the rounds and all that.

admin answers:

There are many varieties of poker. In each variety comes some variation of betting. Here are some general things true of most all poker games:

* When it’s your turn to play, if nobody else has made a bet, then you only have 2 choices: Bet or Check.

* When it’s your turn to play, if someone ahead of you has bet, then you have 3 choices: Call, Raise, or Fold.

* Almost all variations of poker require some sort of bet before the game even starts. „Stud“ varieties of poker, (like 7-card stud), usually have every player put in a small amount into the pot called an „Ante“. Other variations, (like Texas Hold ‚em), require 2 players only putting up a bet called „Blinds“. 1 player to the dealer’s left puts in a 1/2-sized bet called the „Small Blind“, and the player to his left puts a full-sized bet called the „Big Blind“.

Beyond that, just type, „How do you play poker“ into Google. There are tons of sites that will walk you through the specifics.


I tell you what, ANYONE who tells you that learning the betting part of poker is the, „hardest part of poker to learn“, doesn’t know the first thing about playing poker. Anyone who would say such a thing has the sole purpose of answering questions just to SPAM us with what certainly must be a TOTAL CRAP website based on the garbage they spewed here.

William asks…

What is a good site to learn poker strategy?

What is a good site to learn poker strategy? I found this one which claims to have the best strategy for winning at online poker, do you think I should try it? Is it a good strategy?
It’s at
please let me know if I should use this strategy I can’t wait to find a way to win!
Thank you

admin answers:

Go for the bigger poker training sites that have really top notch content like:

There is a monthly fee though but you can test it for free.

Betty asks…

Is it legal to gamble on Poker Star with real money?

I’m thinking of using the e-check method to transfer money from my Bank of America checkings account to start up on Poker Star. Is this legal in the US? Also will Bank of America let me go through on this transaction?

admin answers:

As an online poker player located in the United States you are NOT violating the UIEGA or any other federal law, but you might be violating State or Tirbal law depending on the laws in the State or Native American Reservation where you are located. It is your responsibility to determine the legality of playing online poker under the law where you are located.

For more info. On this and to check the legality of playing online poker under your jurisdiction please go to and see the U.S. Player funding section.

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