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Helen asks…

Who is the best poker player alive, and why?

You may break this down by cash game and tournament, or by different poker games. Or you can just throw a name out there and defend it.

admin answers:

Doyle Brunson is and for several reasons. For one, he has been playing since poker was considered not acceptable in society. He doesn’t use schemes or scams or ploys to win. He has consistently beat everyone. He has won the world series of poker two different times, has won the most world series bracelets. He has won more money playing poker than anyone one the planet.
To add, his books are considered to be the bibles of poker playing.

Maria asks…

Sometimes the whole river is Texas Hold ‚em is revealed all at once. Why is this and when does it happen?

It’s happened to me in many poker games I own where lots of bets are made before the flop then for some reason the whole River is revealed with no additional bets. Why and When is this suppose to occur?

admin answers:

Someone went all in

Thomas asks…

What do you mean by multi table poker in online casinos?

What is multi table poker gaming?

admin answers:

Multi table poker is a gambling game played in online casinos. This gaming is nothing but a poker gaming in which the player interacts with the multiple number of players sitting in different tables. In other words, there is lot of opportunities to win this game as well as lot of chances to lose in this game.

Sandra asks…

Can I chose a customized eternal punishment from all the different religions I don’t follow?

How does that work? Al-a-carte style, or like a buffet? Can I pick the options that I like the best or is there some kind of cosmic poker game going on where the different gods and ideas being worshiped play a hand to decide who gets me?

I might go for a little fire and brimstone while being reincarnated under a fairy mound in the land of the dead, if given a choice. Otherwise I’m hoping for maybe a Buddhist or Scientologists to win.

admin answers:

Too bad a number of people could not appreciate the point you were making in a humorous way!

Perhaps I can I help those who need a little more serious approach.

I’ve actually written an entire book on this topic–„Hell? No! Why You Can Be Certain There’s No Such Place As Hell,“ (for anyone interested, you can get a free ecopy of my book at my website:, but if I may, I’d like to share one of the many points I make in it–that all those religious folks who think God is going to torture billions of people in the afterlife, had better hope they are wrong. Here’s why:

Let’s say they end up in Heaven trying to sing endless praises to a God who is, simultaneously, torturing billions of others. In no time at all each one would have to begin wondering, „When am I next?“ and the joy of Heaven would be lost, replaced by gloom and foreboding! Why? Because no one could ever rely on a God who is so mean to be honest about making any exceptions.

After all, which is more difficult? For God to actively cause so much immense pain, for so many, for so long, or to go back on whatever promises he made to a few others that he would not put them in Hell too at some point?

It would be like accepting an invitation to live as a guest with one of these maniacal men we’ve been hearing about lately who kidnap, imprison, rape and torture young girls in secret basements. Can you imagine such a guy, simultaneously, having some other young lady as his dinner date, and treating her with respect and care? And even if he did for a while, wouldn’t his true nature unleash itself upon her at some point in time, as it has on so many others? Of course!

Mandy asks…

Can you walk out of a poker game?

Let’s say that a poker game is still going on, can you walk out and keep the money you have earned?

admin answers:

Absolutely, positively YES!

As a couple of the smarter folks mentioned, of course you can’t walk out of a tournament. In a cash game, however, you can play ONE HAND, win, and then walk out of the casino if you want to. You don’t owe anybody anything at a casino. You do what’s best for YOU!

I once played at the Bellagio in a game that was a bit over my head. The betting was CRAZY, and with some quick luck, i won three out of the first 5 hands, doubling up twice! This was a no-limit table. I looked at the mountain of chips I had in front of me, then I looked around the table and saw at least 4 people that had even more chips than me! (Just to make my point very clear – in no limit, there is always the possibility of going broke in ANY single hand. I didn’t want that to happen to me.)

After playing less than 5 minutes I simply said, „Sorry folks, but I’m just not good enough to be playing for this sort of money.“ I racked up my chips and left. Everyone there understood. Nobody had even so much as a sour face as I left the table.

Long story short, you’ve always got to do what’s best for YOU as far as your money in a poker game.

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